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16 Responses

  1. shhhwzj says:

    Thank you, this can fix my issue.

  2. nicquwu says:

    Omg you just saved my life

  3. rpnmgupg says:

    thank you bro thank you love you you solved my problem

  4. Atharva Dhumal says:

    It worked

  5. camiseta says:


  6. unzwkwkq says:

    Hey bro thanks. It really works! Thank you so much.

  7. Abeeha says:

    Wow !!!!!! It 10000% worked !!!! Love u bro !!! Awesome channel

  8. ufozgib says:

    Omg thank you so much bro, you just saved my life, you earned a new sub, its 4:00 am and I didnt know what to do, thank you so much bro

  9. Fardin says:

    thank you bro thank you love you you solved my problem

  10. Rellzoe says:


  11. Atharva Dhumal says:

    You are legend thank you

  12. Maria Chebbab says:

    Thank you very much, it actually worked for me. God bless you

  13. Ms Jones says:

    your third solution worked for me, meh thank yuh so much! I almost made a complete new account just cause of it. Thank you for this video!

  14. Alfonso Michel says:

    Love u man (no Homo)it worked thank u man

  15. Zaikra says:

    thank you for you i can log in normally your steps are great aaaaaaaa

  16. Amit Rauteal says:

    Love you bro i got my instagram account back thnx toooo much

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