How To Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert ?

How To Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert ?

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Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert Without Hacking

Instagram has new screenshot alert but some people does not like this new update. For them there are three way to take screenshot without notification. Firtsly we will introduce new Instagram screenshot alert.

New world order completly working online and in this situation internet users has worries about their private life standarts. When social media burst some people asked that question ” What about our private life and personal security at online arena?”. With Instagram screenshot feature they can be pleased.

Instagram has eight hundred of millions user and these are still growing day by day. This high potential of app gains more users and more users causes more security issues. But Instagram making new security protocols every year for protect of their users privacy. New Instagram screenshot and video capturing alert is one of them.

This new feature provides to users more protection from stalkers and who addicted to social media. When you make a story post on Instagram you can see who takes captures from your story. Now users only can be aware of their story posts, but in time Instagram can make it general.

How To Works Screenshot Alert

Screenshot alert works on Instagram stories. When someone takes screenshots from your photo or video, Instagram will put a screenshot alert sign next to his username. This sign can seen from your story viewer list, and also Instagram made a short description text for this sign at the viewer list. The following images in our article, you can see what we trying to tell.

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  How To Shut Off Instagram Screenshot Alert ?

According to image from top you can see the screenshot alert from next to nbsalert. When other users got screenshots from your stories they will have the same sign from next to their usernames.

Second important information about Instagram stories screenshot fature is first screenshots won’t be alert them. Again according to a Twitter user’s photo Instagram just warn you for the first time. But its alert just for first time, then screenshot alert will deliver to stories owner.

First screenshots

Bypass Instagram Stories Screenshot Alert

As we like said before there are three ways for bypassing screenshot alert.

First way is so easy-to-do, you need to open stories who you want to take screenshot then watch it. Next step is taking flight mode to your smart phone. Then you can take screenshot witout any alerts. When you take your phone to flight mode, your mobile connection will be cut and Instagram can not notice anything without mobile connection.

Other two ways of doing these are same. In second way you should use a software named Instagram Stories Regram. You can find this programe in app store or google play. Third way is longer than others. For the third way you should log in Instagram from web service then you need to get story’s URL and finally you should find a online Instagram downloader for downloading story to your computer.

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How To Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert ?
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