How to Build An Email List

How to Build An Email List

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube have become powerful tools in online marketing, but social media remain owned by software developers and could be shut down. On the other hand, emails are not that frequently used. Nevertheless, they are important to build a long-lasting relationship with potential customers in a private way. For this reason, you need to have an email list to which you will always send emails to stay in touch with your audience and achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll outline the various ways how to build an email list.

Emails are more relevant and professional. People turn to always open messages from emails than social media. Chances to fall on fake accounts are reduces compared to social media. Again, you can’t just rely on social media. 

how to build an email list for free

How to Build an Email List for Free

You can build a powerful email list to help attract traffic into your blog post freely without any sonorization. Again, a mailing list full of potential customers who are deeply interested in your services will increase sales for content marketers. Here are some crucial tips for building an email list for free.

Select an Email Marketing Provider

An email marketing provider is a software/ application that helps the user send email campaigns to a list of email subscribers. It is one of the most profitable tools for inline businesses because it is very simple to manage, gives you full control, and enables you to establish direct contact with your customers. some examples include: Mailchimp, AWeber, SendinBlue, etc  

Create a Giveaway or Freemium or Freebie or Lead Magnet

To have an email list, you have to give your subscribers something to earn their emails in return. Hence, create a high-quality giveaway that will make the subscriber stick to your content updates. Also, it should a specific giveaway. For example, a giveaway like “HOW TO INCREASE YouTube views” should talk mostly about YouTube-related techniques to increase views, not something out of topic. These will impress most of your subscribers and make them quickly download your giveaway. Your giveaway/freemium could be a plan, a video, audio, a pdf document, an ebook, etc. 

Create a Landing Page

A landing page or destination page is a web page with a single focused action, either a sign-up form or a button. In the case of a button, it asks people to join for the giveaway, including a link for easy access. The landing page always appears like a single page, including forms in which the customers will need to add details about them to withdraw the giveaway. Consequently, your subscribers will add their emails, name, ages, etc., for the giveaway. All these pieces of information will help you to track the amount of traffic on your webpage.

distribute your giveaway

Distribute Your Giveaway

Share your announcement about your freemium on all your social platforms (with the use of your landing page link ) to pull the traffic in your landing page. You could share it on Facebook, post it as a story on Instagram and add the link in your bio on your Snapchat story. If you are a YouTuber, you could talk about the giveaway at the beginning or end of your videos and drop the link in the description box. Also, you could ask your friends and relatives to share your giveaway on their social platforms. All these will bring a lot of traffic to your webpage, and the results will be incredible. 

Make an Automatic Personalized Email to Your Subscribers

After publishing your giveaway on your social platform, you have to collect the subscriber’s emails who accepted the giveaway. Once they entered their emails for the giveaway, the emails are directly recorded using the landing page created above. 

Repeat These Processes

Start all over again but by varying the giveaways to always impress your subscribers and avoid them from getting bored. 

FAQ About Building an Email List

What are the advantages of email lists? 

Saves time: you just have to make a personalized message and send it to your mailing list. It is also more Professional, and the content or services engage those that subscribe. Lastly, it is relevant not like a social media user who would not attain all his audience; with an email, your audience will always be curious to read the mail.

Can I pay to have an email list? 

Yes, you could pay for ads that will run your offer through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and will drag the traffic into your webpage.

Is the email list worth it?

Of course, they are; it depends on how much work you put into it.

Does every business need to have an email list? 

An email list is important, but it’s not necessary to start.

Can email lists messages be personalized?

If you have your subscriber’s first name in the subject line, the email could be personalized.

Conclusion on How to Build an Email List

Building up an email list is crucial for businesses and content marketers in that it increases sales and promotes professionalism as well as privacy between the seller and the customers. Email marketing can be hard, yet we got you covered. Here’s are some email subject lines for sales. With these tips under your belt, you’ll be able to communicate better in your emails.

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