How to Build a Impressive Bio for Instagram

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Bio is the first thing that people see when visit your Instagram profile, that is why you have to be super carefull about your bio.

Your Instagram bio should have some point these are;

*States your business

*Specify your location

and also you definitely should do thesee ones:

*Show your or your company personality

*Call to action your followers at the regular intervals

Nor mally it is not need to say but we will adressed that you shoul never ever type anything argo, or name of your valentines etc. bio must be as formal as possible.

How much your bio poker face your succeed will be that much .

Instagram Bio Components

Profile Photo: Instagram is a photo application you should never forget about that it means the visuality important than anything. Your profile photo must be belongs to you, if the accounts belongs to a company than profile photo must be consist of compony logo.

Username and Name: It is always better to have your own real name than fake name same way companies should have their name.

Bio: In this section you allowed to type down 150 character to sum up your profile.

Website: Instagram normally does not let you put any link in the ap but Bio. The only place you can put a url is here be carefull and use it smart.

Category: If you manage a company account you should specified your category thus users can easy find you.

Call-to-Actions Button: This is one of the most important thing that buff your followers but it is available just for business account.

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With this button componies can take e-mail, get call etc.

Your bio shoul have hashtag and profile links thus users who have sam taste will be gound themselves.

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