How to Build a Brand Identity

How to Build a Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the way a business presents itself in the market and how it wants to be perceived by its current and potential customers. It includes all elements related to the company and products and services offered to the target market. Brand identity is how a brand defines itself. It is the sum of brand name, tagline, brand voice, brand positioning, brand relationship, and brand personality. Brand identity is the main purpose behind branding, leading to marketing efforts and promotional activities initiated to sell the company’s products and services. In this article, we will show you how to build a brand identity.


The slogan keeps the brand in mind; when it is said, it evokes the brand and, in essence, symbolizes the brand’s components. At this point, the brand slogan can be very useful in speeding up the communication process. The most important factor in creating a successful slogan is the reflection of the brand’s identity.

famous people for brand identity

Famous People for Brand Identity

They use celebrities as a brand face in order to increase the potential status of companies and reach the desired target audience. The characteristics of the celebrities should be able to describe the quality of the products and services of the brand and identify with that brand. In such cases, the celebrity in question becomes the brand’s face and identity.

the importance of quality in creating a brand identity

The Importance of Quality in Creating a Brand Identity

If businesses believe and trust that they are strong enough to catch the market in selling their products without the support of the celebrity, it is the quality of the product that becomes the identity of the brand and enables the business to reach the peak of success. For example, tech giant Apple has not hired any celebrities to promote its products, but it still is one of the most successful brands in the market compared to its competitors due to its quality and innovation. Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the brand may or may not need a celebrity to build a Brand Identity, but the goal of quality is a must to make the brand go a long way on the road to success and profits.

Logos and Symbols

Businesses have an institutional identity that distinguishes them from other businesses. Logos, one of the elements of corporate identity, can be defined as the apparent power of the institution or brand. This power is an indicator of the assurance that the institution or brand gives to the customer. If we give an example of this from Arçelik, Arçelik felt the need to change its old logo with the idea that it is far from innovation. With its new logo, it represents a more dynamic business than before.

Owned Word

Brands should try to exist with a word in the mind of the consumer. There are many companies that achieve this today. When consumers hear or pronounce the names of those brands, our subconscious mind brings those words. One of the most important examples of this situation is that the word safety comes to mind when we say Volvo. When a brand owns a word, it is not possible to separate it from that brand.


People have psychological ties to different colors, including your potential customers, and the colors you use in your brand psychologically attract people’s attention. For example, let’s take the color red. Red is the color of excitement and it is very popular. It’s a great choice if your brand identity is high, young, and exciting. Orange is quite a high energy and remarkable, striking color. People use it less than red, so it will make you stand out. Yellow, the color of the sun, is all about happiness. The cheerful vibe is a good choice if you want to feel fun, accessible, and affordable.

Why Build a Brand Identity?

Every brand in the market has its own identity depending on the way it deals with customers, employees, vendors, and stakeholders. The point is that having a good Brand Identity can do wonders for the business to keep it out of the competition.

  • Given the ever-growing competition and, of course, the evolving tastes of customers, it is always normal for the strongest in the market to survive this way. Having a good Brand Identity shows that the brand is stable in nature and is constantly advancing with the cyclical nature of the market, providing the best products and services to its consumers and then constantly improving these features.
  • Having a strong identity and ground in a single market automatically gives confidence to the brand and company management to touch new markets by reaching fresh places and new target markets, with the aim of determining brand presence and identity.
  • Increasing customer loyalty, as well as a strong brand image in the market, are essential to achieving the company’s leadership.


  • Thanks to the brand identity target achieved by offering a specific set of products and services, the company gains the necessary impetus to expand its activities by launching new products and services as well as the new target market.
  • No two companies or brands have the same identity in the minds of consumers and in the general market; because there are always unique factors that distinguish one brand from another. A company differentiates itself from other companies with its brand identity. Differentiation is very important for positioning strategies.
  • When the goal of a Strong Brand Identity is fulfilled by the company, there is a wide awareness of the brands and products and services offered nationally and internationally, allowing the company to enter new and untouched markets with confidence. Therefore, having a strong and good Brand Identity is essential to create a distinguished presence in the market amid the dynamic nature of the industry and the changing preferences of customers.
brand identity examples

Brand Identity Examples

Here are some great brand identity examples that we have picked for you.

Coca Cola

Even in the early 20th century, Coca-Cola had brand identity strategies. It used a unique shape for its red-colored casks. The company has been producing consistently with the logo ever since.


Apple has the most different identity compared to other brands. The use of the letter i before each product, premium pricing, appearance, logo, and sound stand out.


Starbucks has always been a brand that goes out of the procedure. It has preferred to go another way. With this structure, it has a place in the hearts of its customers.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson users define themselves as “more than just a motorcycle organization”. They claim to make the Harley Davidson dream a lifestyle with their shared passion.


Nike’s most important product feature is that it can respond to shoe designs. These designs require specific features such as running, tennis, and basketball. New, contradictory, open-to-develop ideas are always on the brand’s radar.

FAQ on Brand Identity

What to include when you build a brand identity?

It includes all elements related to the company and products and services offered to the target market and strengthens the brand.

What are brand principles?

The principles are the foundation of what your brand looks like, how it communicates, and where it will go in the future.

What can be shown as brand values?

All future financial inputs that a brand can provide from its use are called telling its values today.

Why is branding important?

It is important as it involves clearly positioning your company or product in the market, establishing a brand strategy, possibly creating your name, designing product identity.

How to build a brand identity that will be successful?

A successful brand pays attention to its market, finds new ways to maintain its target market interest, and is not afraid to innovate.

Conclusion of Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the most important feature that distinguishes you from other brands. With your brand identity, it becomes clear how customers will approach you. If you want your brand to attract attention, it is important to make sure that it accurately reflects who you are. Now that you have the recipe for an effective brand, it’s time to support with content. Here’s our guide on content marketing.

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