How to Boost your Instagram Account

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To boost your Instagram account


Instagram changed from being only a social platform that was made to interact with your family and friends, to a valuable marketplace for any businesses. It gives an opportunity to brands so that they can present themselves in an engaging, visual, creative way. This is why Instagram became an effective platform to boost sales, get and give advertisements, increase traffic and build the brand. In this article, we will tell you about how to boost your Instagram account.

Creating an account on Instagram is easier than boosting it. You cannot expect users to blindly follow your brand and boost you. And you can’t do it all by yourself, because it takes a lot of time and effort to boost your Instagram account.

Engage with your followers

Remember, Instagram is still a social media platform. So you always have to be in engagement with your followers in order to boost your Instagram account. Interact with them, they will see your efforts, feel noticed and will get engaged with your brand.

Involve your audience in your photos, stores, captions. Especially captions! People love to see their name, they love to have an inside joke. These people will be following your brand, so make them feel like they’re a part of it. They should be a part of it.

When a post has most engagement, more will see it in their feed. So, there’s no need to be afraid of any sort of activity. Let your followers know what you want from them. As I said, if they’re there it means they want to, or at least thinking about being a part of your community.  If you don’t talk to them, they won’t talk back.

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Stay active on Instagram community

Engaging and connecting only with your followers isn’t enough to boost your Instagram account. You also have to interact with other brands and individuals.  This is one of the easiest ways to present your Instagram and show audiences what you can offer. They have to see you first to notice you.

Know your competition

Your competitors and you target the same people, on the same platform. So it’s a must to study and monitor your competitor’s approach. Because that’s how you can gain an opportunity to stay relevant and compete. If you study them well enough and be at the right spot at the right time; then you can even go above them the moment they slip. Business life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but you can make it in it.

Cross Promote

Promoting your brand only on Instagram may not be enough. Even though the platform became pretty much the most popular at this point, other social channels like Facebook or Twitter still serve as a gateway to bring others to this platform. To make this happen, you should have accounts on different platforms as well.

But be advised, each social media platform is a bit different when it comes to building a fanbase. Good thing is that most people have accounts and are active on multiple social media platforms. So you can add links to your other social media accounts in your bio, and you’re set.

The goal in this is to use the power of other platforms to make your Instagram stronger, basically. Because Instagram will be your main platform to boost your business.

High-quality Content

This is crucial. In Instagram you only have a few seconds to get somebody’s attention before they wander off to the next account, maybe never to be back again. If you cannot produce engaging, high-quality content; then you will fail. Simple as that.

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Do not share photos or stories that have nothing to do with your brand. You may show yourself, especially if you’re with your followers in real life and such (because it’s good marketing) but other than that,  remember this isn’t a ‘fun’ account for you. This is a business.

Like we said at the start, Instagram is a visual platform. Try to have the best-looking pictures, have an aesthetic, have a style, have something that separates you from the rest. And if you can, I assure you that your brand is going to make it.



Getting the users to engage with your brand is very challenging in social media platforms. So it’s important for you to experiment with new methods in order to boost your Instagram account. Because if it’s boosted, it’s booming. If it’s booming, you’re a very successful and happy person. If you’re happy, you tend to make others happy. Talk about the butterfly effect. Never forget, the world’s most successful brands all have a big amount of followers on Instagram. Who says you can’t be one of them?

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How to Boost your Instagram Account
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