How to Boil Eggs? (Soft, Medium, and Hard Eggs)

How to Boil Eggs? (Soft, Medium, and Hard Eggs)

Since it is very healthy for people and keeps the stomach full all day long, the most indispensable player of meals is the egg. You can make many different meals with eggs, such as omelets, egg benedicts, or boiled eggs. But of course, the most preferred and healthiest form of egg is boiled. You can prefer your boiled egg as hard or soft boiled. However, there are a few small tips that you should be careful about in order for your boiled eggs to be the way you want. And with the information you will learn with this article, you can eat perfectly boiled eggs. Now let’s see how to boil eggs.

Perfect Boiled Eggs

How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

Although boiling eggs seems very simple, sometimes the eggs we boiled may not suit our taste. There are options of boiled eggs such as Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled, or Medium Boiled, and sometimes people can eat a soft boiled egg while they want to eat a hard-boiled egg. If you want to eat eggs that suit your taste, you can follow the steps below because we will tell you how to make a perfect boiled egg that suits your taste with the following steps.

Steps to Boil Eggs

Here are the steps to boil eggs:

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  1. First of all, put your eggs in the pot very carefully. 
  2. After making sure that the eggs are not broken while putting them in the pot, add enough water to the eggs to pass over them.
  3. Then keep the heat on until you see the water in the pot boiling. If you see bubbles starting to appear on the water, it means that the water is boiling. Now turn off the heat of the stove.
  4. Put a lid on the pot and let your eggs sit in the pot in this way. In this way, your eggs will continue to boil in hot water.
  5. Now you need to choose the boiling time according to what kind of boiled egg you want.
  6. If you want a soft boiled egg, it will be enough to leave your egg in the water for another five or six minutes after the water boils. As a result of this period, you will get a bright yellow and runny egg yolk and bright egg white.
  7. If the type of boiled egg you want is neither too hard nor too soft boiled egg, it will be enough to wait for eight or nine minutes in the water for your eggs to be medium boiled.
  8. If you want a hard-boiled egg, you should keep your eggs in water for twelve minutes.
  9. After keeping your egg in the pot for the duration you want, take your eggs from hot water to cold water. In this way, you will prevent the eggs from boiling and allow them to cool faster.
  10. When the eggs reach room temperature, you can start peeling them.
Easily Peel Boiled Eggs

How to Easily Peel Boiled Eggs

We think the most annoying part about boiled eggs is to rob them. The easier it is to boil an egg, the more boring and tiring process it is to peel them. But now there are a few easy ways to peel eggs, so you can peel your eggs in seconds without getting tired. You can easily peel your boiled eggs by trying the following methods.

Use Salt and Baking Soda

Before you start boiling your eggs, add a pinch of salt or baking powder in the water. This method will make your eggs peel more easily.

Do not Use Super Fresh Eggs

It is worth noting that it is better not to choose eggs that are very fresh when boiling eggs. This will make your job more difficult as the white of the egg in very fresh eggs is more attached to the shell of the egg compared to the eggs that are several days old. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose eggs that are not very fresh and also not stale, of course.

Use a Spoon

Peeling an egg with a spoon is one of the most effective methods. After your egg has reached room temperature, slightly break the shell of your egg and create a space with your finger that the spoon can enter. Put a spoon between your eggshell and the white. Follow the curve of the egg with the spoon you put under the shell and move the spoon around the whole egg. The shell of the egg will be very gentle and smoothly peeled.

Roll the Eggs With the Palm of Your Hand

To easily peel the egg, you can lay it on the counter and roll it lightly with your palm, so that the shell of the egg will be easily broken. When the whole shell is broken, you can dip your eggs in the cooling water you just used. Alternatively, pressurized water flowing from the tap will allow your egg to peel easily.

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Use a Glass

The method of glass to peel eggs easily is also a very effective method. Throw the boiled egg in a glass of cold water and shake it forcefully by closing the glass with your palm. Your egg will crack easily in the glass.


How can I store boiled eggs?

You can store the boiled eggs in the refrigerator. But before putting them in it, it would be good to put your boiled egg in an airtight container.

Are the size of the eggs important in boiling eggs?

Yes. You can change your boiling time according to the size of your eggs.

What is the difference between hard-boiled and soft boiled eggs?

Simply, the hard-boiled eggs are overcooked, the soft-boiled eggs are undercooked. The egg yolk of a hard-boiled egg has a solid shape, while the yolk of a soft-boiled egg is partly more liquid and runny.


Although there are many types of eggs, the most healthy and most preferred by humans is boiled eggs. Since there are several types of boiled eggs, we have included all their varieties to show how to boil eggs. 

With this article, you can make a boiled egg as you wish and then effortlessly peel your boiled eggs with the methods we give you. Do not forget to try the easy egg peeling techniques we mentioned above, because you will see how life-saving they are and how easy it is now to peel eggs.

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