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How to Block Someone on Twitter (X)

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and has 450 million active users. Thus, finding some annoying accounts besides your favorite ones is normal. In this situation, you may want to block them. You can block someone you don’t want to see on Twitter (X). Alternatively, you can block anyone you want at any time, regardless of your purpose for blocking. In this article, we will explain the details about how to block someone on Twitter.

What Is Blocking?

Blocking someone on Twitter (X) will prevent that person from reaching your account. When you block users, those users will no longer follow you and send you messages. Blocking someone on Twitter also deletes all your direct message history. So if you are going to initiate legal action against the person who is bothering you, blocking it without getting any record may cause you to fail to do so. Blocking someone on Twitter that is bothering you may also create problems for you to take legal action in the future too. We suggest that if you intend to start a legal battle with the person you are blocking, you should take a screenshot before blocking, or you can save the page with browser add-ons dumped from your browser while the page is open.

How to Block Someone on Twitter App

If you are ready to block someone on Twitter (X) with your smartphone, here are the steps;

  • First, open the Twitter App from your mobile device.
  • Then, go to the profile of the account you want to block.
how to block someone on twitter app
  • Tap on the three dots icon next to the “Follow” button on the profile.
  • Then, tap on the “Block @…” button in the drop-down menu.

If there is some content you may want to save, you should save them before blocking. You can use tools such as Twitter Video Downloader to save them.

How to Block Someone on Twitter on a Desktop

If you want to block someone on your computer, you can follow these steps;

  • Go to Twitter’s website and click on your profile.
  • Select the Followers tab and find the user you want to block.
how to block someone on twitter on desktop
  • Click on the three dots next to their profile name and choose the ‘Block’ option.
  • Confirm the block by clicking on the red ‘block’ button.

If there is a problem when you try to block someone, you should contact Twitter Support.

What Happens When a User Is Blocked?

If you block a user, that user will not be aware of it, and you will be subject to the following:

  • That person stops being your follower immediately.
  • You cannot be tagged to any tweet by that person.
  • You can not see the updates of the person in your home feed.
  • In the “Connect” menu, you can not see the answers and actions of that person.
  • You can not see that person’s tweets, profile, or other interactions in the Interactions and Events menu,
  • You can only see tweets when you enter the profile of the person you’ve blocked.

If your account is public, you can not prevent the blocked person from following you because if this user enters Twitter (X) after logging out of their Twitter account and type your username on the search page, they can still see your profile. However, if your account is protected, you can ensure they can not follow you and contact you. If you just want to remove a user instead of blocking them, you can learn how to remove followers on Twitter, but if you are okay with not seeing anything about this user, you can block them.

When I Block Someone on Twitter, Will That Person Know?

Many Twitter users are quite worried about whether a person gets a notification after blocking them. Well, when you block someone, whether on Twitter (X) or other social media sites, they won’t receive a piece of information.

However, this does not mean that users can not solve it on their own. If the users have been following you before they blocked you, they may notice that your account is no longer listed as one of their “followers and following” lists. Blocked users can notice that they no longer see your tweets on their feed and need access to your Twitter (X) profile.

If a blocked account checks the profile of an account that did block them, they will notice that they were blocked. There is no way to prevent users from finding out that you have blocked them. If you block someone and that person visits your profile, they will see a message that prevents them from contacting you. That way, they will know you’ve blocked them.

However, if you don’t want anyone to know that you have blocked them, you can do something. You can make your Twitter account a private account, so you can avoid blocking people in the first place. When your Twitter (X) account is private, anyone trying to follow you must first be approved by you. If you don’t agree with the following requests, you don’t need to block them, and they won’t be able to access your tweets or contact you unless you want to.

How to Soft Block Someone on Twitter

If you want to stop all communication between you and a user, the most sensible way is to block it. However, you can mute that person only if you don’t want to be disturbed by that user and don’t want to end your relationship permanently.

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This convenient feature allows you to temporarily or permanently filter all the noise a user creates on your homepage and filter all that person’s tweets without actually blocking that person. Mute is different from blocking or unblocking because accounts you have silenced have no way of knowing that you silenced them. You can access the mute feature by pressing the settings key on the account page:

how to mute someone on twitter
  • First, go to the profile of the person you want to mute.
  • Then, press the horizontal icon with three dots.
  • From the list, click on the Mute option.

How to Unblock Someone on Twitter

Did you inadvertently block someone, or do you want some to be unblocked? Regardless of how you access your Twitter (X) account, you can quickly find and unblock blocked users. Besides, after you unblock someone, you can follow that person again.

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select “Settings and privacy. This will open your account settings.
  • Click the “Blocked accounts” option on the left. A list of all accounts that you have blocked will be displayed.
how to unblock someone on twitter

Just tap the “Blocked” button next to the account you want to unblock. Hovering your cursor over it will change it to the “Unblock” button.

To Conclude, Blocking Someone on Twitter

Some users deserve to be blocked; if you ever block someone, you know how. If you ever forgive them, you know that unlocking is just as easy. In addition, you can just mute some accounts to not see their tweets and other actions on Twitter (X). It’s up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you visit the user profile that has blocked you, you will see a message that alerts you that you have blocked. So, you can still block other accounts even if another account has blocked you.

Unfortunately, you can only block accounts. You cannot block persons from browsing your profile. If your stalker is dedicated, they can use throwaway accounts. If you want to prevent this, you can make your account private.

Twitter doesn’t send users a notification about them getting blocked by someone.

Blocking someone on Twitter makes the blocked account unable to see your tweets, message you, or follow you. If you cannot see the user’s tweets, if you cannot message this user, or if you cannot follow this user anymore, this means that this Twitter user has blocked you. In addition, you cannot do all these things until this user unblocks you. This Twitter user that has blocked you will also not be able to see your account. They will not be able to message you, see your tweets, or follow you.

If you don’t want to block someone but don’t want to see their tweets, you can “mute” them. Just click on the three dots button on the profile and choose the “mute” button.

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    Wish I saw this post earlier. I need to block someone on Twitter as soon as possible who keeps irritating me inappropriate dms.