How to Block Someone on Facebook? 2020

How to Block Someone on Facebook? 2020

Just because Facebook is the best social media site doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain bad people. Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet been able to analyze who is in which character. But blocking unwanted people gives us a very effective option. We’ll tell you how to block someone on Facebook. This way, you can use it with pleasure without interacting with people you don’t want on Facebook. We will explain step by step how you can block both web and mobile.

What is Blocking?

Blocking a person means completely closing the contact with that person. In other words, the person you have blocked will not be able to see any shares about you, write comments, send messages to you, and see your friends list and your entire profile. It’s an effective method, isn’t it? It is selectively available on all social media sites. It is one of the user’s favorite options. You can unblock the blocked person and have them communicate with you again. All these actions can be done with just a click. But we advise you, don’t unblock people you’re not sure of.

How Can I Block?

    • Enter the profile page of the user you want to block
    • Click 3-point settings in the top right corner
    • Tab on “Block” and you done

Here is another method to block someone on Facebook:

  • Go to main settings
  • Privacy -> Block
  • Choose person username to block
  • And add to block list. That is all.

block someone on Facebook

These two methods work and you can use both web and mobile. No multiple blocking system on Facebook yet. So you have to do it one by one. If you want, you can choose users and unblock them from Privacy settings on web.

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And What is Next?

In the next process, you will enjoy your Facebook. Because you’ll be saved from all unnecessary and abusive people. Nobody won’t bother you. You can also complain to Facebook about people you block. If there is a large number of complaints about a person, Facebook will examine that person’s profile in detail and may prohibit it if it deems necessary. Do not discuss with anyone on social media and do not fight. Because you don’t know what character he is. The best way to do this is to block people you don’t want.

Block Someone on Mobile

You can do the same on the web, you can do it on mobile. There is not much difference.

  • Login to Facebook app
  • Click on a profile that you want to block
  • Tab on “other” at right side on profile page
  • Choose “Block” section

block someone on Facebook

Likewise, you can add to the blocked list from the Settings – Privacy option, as done on the web. It works for Android and Ios. You can block someone on Facebook in that way. And also you can unblock them in the same way. Because Facebook’s web and mobile options are almost the same. You can apply the settings bot for web & mobile.

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