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How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook

How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that has proven itself. Thanks to Facebook, the world of social media has developed itself rapidly because of the rivalry. Being one of the oldest social media platforms is not affecting Facebook, in fact, it is still on its way with innovations such as top fans. So let’s see how to become a top fan on Facebook.

Facebook Top Fan Badge Feature

Facebook has introduced many features. That is why Facebook keeps its place among the rivalry, and this is due to innovative projects of Facebook. Since Facebook is a platform for interactions, making comments is a big deal for users. Facebook helps users make more creative content when commenting with features such as emojis, photos, GIFs, and stickers. 

facebook top fan badge

As we have stated before, Facebook keeps the members using the platform through innovations. One of the innovations that Facebook has come up with is the ‘Top Fan Badge.’ Now it is possible to show off on Facebook Pages. When you write a comment on the Page you follow, a Top Fan Badge will appear next to your name. That is not the only thing. You will be seen on the Top Fans list on the Page’s Community tab if you are a Top Fan. Also, your comments will appear at the top of the comment list. 

So, how to become a top fan on Facebook? You will need to set up an account and work hard for it. However, if you already like the Page you are following, and its content, it shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s look at the ways to get the Top Fan Badge.

Page Requirements To Get Top Fan Badge

Now the Top Fan Badge is not available for every Facebook Page. There are some requirements for the Page to give out badges to the followers. To give out Top Fan Badges, a Page requires;

facebook page requirements to get top fan badge
  • At least 10.000 followers.
  • The Page must be at least 28 days old.
  • The Page shouldn’t be using the Civic Engagement Badge.
  • Badges feature should be turned on.

If your page is new, you can buy Facebook Page Likes to speed the process. It is possible that a Facebook Page would not allow its followers to have badges even if it has more than 10.000 followers. It is up to the admins of the Page to decide whether to give badges or not. Admins can turn the ability on and off from the Page’s settings. 

How to Get the Top Fan Badge

Now let’s take a look at what users need to do to get the Top Fan Badge after they sign up and open their accounts. 

As we have stated before, it could be a little hard. You need to be very active on the Page and the most active user to get the badge. This requires:

get the top fan badge
  • Instantly interact with every post you see on the Page.
  • Like, comment, and share all of the posts on the Page.

Doing these will gain you the Top Fan Badge automatically. The admins cannot give out Top Fan Badges; however, they can remove yours if they want to. So be careful with your comments and try not to offend anyone. If you want to get the Top Fan Badge, you can be active on the most popular Facebook pages.

Conclusion On How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook

We have covered ‘how to become a Top Fan on Facebook,’ one of the most frequently asked questions. It is almost impossible to avoid seeing this if you are on Facebook and follow several Pages. Becoming a Top Fan requires full attention to the Page. If you are already a huge fan of the Page, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Of course, the Pages have some requirements to give out badges with the admins’ approval. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the News Feed and click ‘Groups’ from the left column. Then select a Group and select your name. Click ‘Manage Badges’ to choose which ones can appear on your posts and comments.

It is possible to lose your Top Fan Badge if a Page admin removes it. If you don’t want to lose the badge, avoid offending anyone in your comments, and keep active.

To remove someone’s Top Fan Badge as an admin, go to your Facebook Page and click on ‘Community’ in the left column. Then find the user that you want to remove his/her badge and click on the three-dotted button next to them. Now you can select ‘Remove Tof Fan Badge’, which will be removed.

There is no exact time how long it will take you to get the Top Fan Badge. It is according to your activiness on the page.

Yes, you will get the Top Fan Badge automatically in case you are really active in a Facebook page.

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  1. Casey

    I have become a top fan on Facebook on my favorite artist’s page. Partly owe my achievement to this article.