Be Popular on Instagram Overnight (Updated – 2020)

Be Popular on Instagram Overnight (Updated – 2020)

In order to be popular on Instagram became a lot of people’s dreams and driving goals. This is a topic we talked about before, but let’s keep talking because of people’s interest in being famous.

Regardless if you have a business or a personal account there, being popular is the key to success.

You can find sponsors, get ads and much more if you have a popular account on Instagram.

If you want to be popular on Instagram, then read this article and take look at our tips.

Let’s begin.

How go Get Famous on Instagram

Being famous on Instagram isn’t easy.

I know what I put in the title but this probably won’t happen overnight from anywhere.

Therefore, we need to game up.

Find Your Target Audience

We’ve talked about the importance of having a target audience a lot in our articles. If you want to be popular, you need to know your audience.

You need to have a specific demographic in your head. Because every one of your posts will be targeted at them, and it’s important to know who will think about your product.

For example, if your product is hair dye for grey hair, would the young adult audience be interested in your content?

They would not, and trying to get them on your side would be a waste of time. That being said, if your target audience is older people, use Facebook instead of Instagram.

So first of all, know your target audience. Study, analyze and think about who’d be interested in your product.

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Who would like, share and repost your Instagram posts?

to be Popular on Instagram

Visuals Matter

I love this picture. The color pattern, the feeling, how it fits into the Instagram scene. I will use this picture again. Do you see how visuals matter?

Instagram is a visual platform. People will be seeing your posts and videos. Always be careful about what kind of pictures you post.

  • have a theme,
  • choose certain color patterns,
  • be sure to have similar messages you share through your pics and videos,
  • having good quality visuals will help you greatly on your path to popularity on Instagram.

Have a Distinctive Slogan

See, slogans matter on this site. As a matter of fact, they matter everywhere.

Think about Nike’s “Just do it”.

Have a slogan that’s simple yet effective, unique yet easy to understand. This slogan should be okay with funny and serious posts.

Have a keyword, a saying, anything you can make yours. This will make people separate you from the rest and make people remember you easier. 

To be popular on Instagram, being remembered and different is key.

Be Creative

Stay away from those common posts everyone shares.

Unless you put something of yours into it, anyone can do that. There are a lot more posts on Instagram than you think, so don’t expect anyone to stop for your post unless it’s creative.

To get the popularity you have to stand out from the rest, you have to be ‘you’.

Doesn’t matter if this is you or your brand, it’s the same thing. Everything you do is an extension of you.

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Think about the people who got success. They were themselves, they were creative, they weren’t afraid to be unique and creative.

You can be a part of that hall of fame too. Post amazing photos in high quality. Use photo editing materials if necessary, but be sure to make something that will leave a mark on your followers’ Instagram feed.

Instagram is at the highest it’s ever been, almost every single business and person wants a part of it now. But that also means a lot of competition.

If you really want to be popular on Instagram, you have to put your mind and soul into it.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is something crucial on Instagram. They are like the keys to success on Instagram for getting popular. If you want to rise quickly, be sure to use hashtags on your posts. Yet, use relevant hashtags. Don’t fill your post with the complexity of hashtags. Then no one will try to read them.

Of course, there are the right hashtags to make you super popular quicker than any other account. They are called trending hashtags or popular hashtags.

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We’re at the end of our article now, this is a shorter one.

This is just the basics and the philosophy of it, but really; if you feel like you’re up for the popularity challenge on this platform; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this, see you in another article.

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