How to Backup WhatsApp

How to Backup WhatsApp

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Having a WhatsApp backup can be very practical. If you end up losing, breaking, or getting your phone stolen, you’ll have a WhatsApp backup saved online. For instance, you don’t want to lose potentially important conversations, files, photos and everything else. Furthermore, you should be prepared for this. Also, if you switch to a new phone this can be useful.


1) Firstly Launch WhatsApp on your phone

2) Then, Go to settings > Chats > Chat backup

3) Next, Click on the Backup Now button to backup all the data to your iCloud account

In addition, from here you can also adjust the frequency that WhatsApp is backed up. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Off)

whatsapp backup

 To restore your WhatsApp backup back to your new phone:

  • First, Download WhatsApp
  • Then, provide your number to get an SMS
  • Consequently, WhatsApp will automatically provide an option to restore the previous backup. Tap on the “Restore Chat History” or the “Restore Backup” option
  • Finally, wait a few minutes and make sure you have a stable internet connection


  • First, Open the selected WhatsApp Chat you want to save
  • Then, Swipe left
  • Tap more
  • Next, Select “e-mail chat”
  • Consequently, you’ll be asked if you prefer to keep the media or not
  • Fianlly, type in the e-mail you will use to store the chats


If you have an android, you can backup Whtsp through Google drive. However you will need to have a Google account as well as Google Play services installed on your phone.

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  • First, Open WhatsApp
  • Secondly, Go to Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup
  • Press BACK UP to begin the process

whatsapp backup

To restore the WhApp backup to your new phone be sure that your number and the google account you used for the backup are the same. Otherwise this won’t work.

  • First, install WhatsApp
  • After you verify your phone number WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore your chats & media. Restore.
  • Finally, wait a few minutes as it could take time to restore all of the chats and media.

That’s it. You’re good to go.

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