How to avoid online shopping scams

How to avoid online shopping scams

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to avoid online shopping scams

How to avoid online shopping scams? Because losing money to online scammers can be a traumatizing experience. Now clearly, online shopping has massive benefits, both for buyers and sellers alike. But even at this day and age, online scams sadly still happen. There are many naive unsuspecting people, and they become prey to these hyena-like people. If you’re an online shopper, you have to be more careful than ever now. In this article, we will talk about what can you do to protect yourself from getting scammed by these online crooks and scammers.

1) If it’s too good to be true, then it is

The saying is there for a reason. If a deal seems too cheap, too easy or too good; then it probably isn’t true. Being doubtful is always nice when online, it’s the key to avoid online shopping scams. For example, if you ever see a very expensive brand’s t-shirt or perfume with a very low price, that’s most likely fake. Stay woke people.

2)Research well and buy from trustworthy websites

If a shopping website has no customer reviews or even a lack of it, if it’s a calm website with no traffic, if there are many negative comments; you’ve seen enough red flags. It’s always a better idea to shop from reliable known shopping websites. Look at the number above, we know in some of those sketchy websites prices are low. But they’re low because you may not end up getting anything at all! Always look at comments and always check up on the website.

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3)Research and talk to the seller

It’s always a good idea to look at how others reviewed the seller you’re interacting with. Also, talk to the seller. You may get a feeling or an idea if they have any impure ideas. It may not always be the seller’s fault. There are mistakes, technical issues etc. that happens at times. So it’s always the best to keep in touch, because the seller may help or work with you to fix whatever that mistake is.

4)Don’t share your personal information with anyone

Never tell people about your personal information. Why would you do that anyway? If a website asks your id number, security number or any sensitive information of such, steer away from them. Remember, you always gotta be cautious if you wish to avoid online shopping scams.

5)Talk to your credit card or bank officials immediately in a scam

If you can talk to officials in time, your bank or credit card officials can freeze your card/account. Which would make it impossible for them to scam you. You need to be sure and swift when a scam happens, even a minute can change everything.

6)Steer away from unguaranteed websites

Whenever we’re shopping online, we have to give out our credit card information which is sensitive information in nature. Regardless of how secure a website can be, it still exposes you to some risk.

This is why it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Takin a few measures and being cautious can’t hurt and it helps you minimize the risk of getting scammed. Of course, secure guaranteed sites are a lot more reliable than unsecured unguaranteed websites. If the URL of the site starts with “https://”, this means it’s a secure website. That ‘s’ stands for SSL(Secure Socket Layer) security.

Also, how old the website’s domain matters. Look and search it up, if it’s an older website it’s usually more secure. You need to check these things if you want to avoid online shopping scams. Also look at how they’re processing their payments. If they ask it directly and not use third parties like PayPal, Visa or Mastercard, then watch out. Even if they may not be scammers, you may not be able to get a refund if things go wrong without any strong third-party payment options.

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7)Use strong passwords and diverse usernames

If you use your birthdate, your real name or your any of your information that can be reached easily, you’re a lot more likely to play part in a scam. If you wish to avoid online shopping scams, which you obviously do hence why you’re here; then you need to choose better usernames and passwords. And especially, do not use the same username and password in every site. If they get your information in one, they’d get it in all. Which can be quite catastrophic.

To get strong passwords, add characters and numbers to it. Make it long, make it strong. Make your password great again.

8)If you got scammed on a secure website, contact their customer relations immediately

Let’s say that you ignored our suggestions, or you were careless, or someone else shopped for you and got scammed. The second thing you should do (first being contacting your bank/credit card services) is to contact the website’s customer relations. Even if you get scammed, you can get de-scammed on big shopping websites like Amazon or eBay. It’s because these big shopping sites would lose a lot of credibilities if you’d get scammed and get nothing back. Which brings up to our next and last point.

9)Write an extensive negative review and a complaint

Most shoppers look at comments and reviews before buying. If other sellers would see you leave reviews, they will think twice on scamming you. To avoid online shopping scams, you need to be heard.

And even if they scammed you, make everyone know they’re scammers. The least you can do is to help others not to fall as you did. You can even extend these reviews to other sites on social media. Remember, we live in the age of social era. It’s all about communication, we are the people and we have the power, together. Scammers can’t get what they want easily anymore. You need to be careful, but you also need to realize we’re here for each other. Scammers are a minority and only the unlucky/naive ones get to fall into their trap.

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Online shopping is the most popular it’s ever been in the history of mankind. But that doesn’t mean it’s fully safe. Scammers are everywhere, that kind of people usually just put the bait and wait for prey. Don’t be fooled by best prices or anything of sorts. Always do your research. The Internet is a blessing, and evil people are not going to be able to change that.

Hope this article as of help to you. If you liked it, hit us up in comments, like, share, or just read our other articles. Thank you for reading.

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