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How to Advertise on YouTube (2024)

YouTube is the first address that comes to mind when you think about everyday videos. And it’s possible to advertise your efforts on YouTube. Well, how can you advertise on YouTube

YouTube, purchased by Google in 2006, has a very important place for advertising too. With YouTube ads, you can deliver your products and services to your target audience in the best way with a well-structured video presentation. 

Do you know that you can buy YouTube views for your channel in order to attract new followers through the power of having the numbers that’ll impress them?

How Do I Advertise on YouTube?

In order to advertise on YouTube, you must first have an AdWords ( account.

Once you’ve logged in to your AdWords account, just follow the steps below to learn how to advertise on YouTube.

  1. Create a new campaign for the video ad you’ll run on YouTube by selecting the “Video” campaign type from the Campaigns tab in AdWords.
    • Campaign Name: First, you can give a name to your ad campaign.
    • Type: Here, you can determine the type of your campaign. Since we created a video campaign, the campaign type is automatically selected as a video.
    • Budget: You can define your daily budget in this section. Your YouTube ad will be automatically cut off when the budget you set is spent.
    • Delivery Method: YouTube will spread the display of your video according to your budget during the given time. For this reason, we can choose the publishing method as standard, unless we are in a hurry. If you have a higher budget to invest, and your time is limited, you can set the delivery method as “Accelerated.”
    • Networks: If we want to show our ads only on YouTube, we select “YouTube Search” and “Youtube Videos” from the networks section. If you don’t want to show your ads anywhere except YouTube, you may not select the partner sites option.
    • Locations: You can target your location by country, city, and region.
    • Languages: You can target your customers through language options.
  2. After we set the settings for the campaign, you can go to Ad Group settings on the next screen by clicking “Save and Continue.”
  3. Assuming that copied link of the YouTube ad video you want to advertise in the “video ad” area, you will encounter a different screen. After entering the ad group name, you can select the video ad model to proceed.
    • Ad Group Name: You can define the ad group name by specifying it in this field.
    • Video Ad: You can choose your video ad model from this area.
    • Bidding: The bidding area is one of the most critical areas where you can manage the performance of your ad. YouTube is showing your ads based on the CPM (Cost Per Impression) you provide. Therefore, if we enter a very small bid, our ad may not be able to perform well. If you don’t get the impression you’re targeting, you can proceed by increasing the CPM value you entered.
    • Targeting: You can target YouTube ads based on users’ demographic information and interests.

Different Advertising Types

You can choose from different types of commercials. There are three main models, and they all have various perks and flaws.

We suggest that you pick one specific to your niche’s demographics and behavioral patterns. Choose wisely before you start to stream ads.

TrueView Ad Model

In the TrueView ad model, video viewers can decide whether to watch the ad or not. They may choose to skip the ad that comes in front of them or not click on the ad. Thus, the advertiser does not pay unnecessary fees. There are two types of TrueView ads.

InStream Video Ads: A type of ad that appears before videos and offers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. If users pass the advertisement within 5 seconds, the advertiser will not pay any money.

However, if you assume that the people watch the video for at least 30 seconds or they click on the ad link, the advertiser will pay. If the video is less than 30 seconds, people should play it from its start to end. The fees per interaction are meager. If the targeting is too broad, you can reduce the amount paid per interaction.

Discovery (InDisplay) Video Ads: When a search is done on YouTube while viewers discover content, it is displayed on a video watch page or even on the YouTube homepage. It is possible to see the ad with a thumbnail and a few lines of description text, and if the user clicks, the advertiser pays.

Bumper Advertising Model

This model, which was launched in the last months of 2016, displays ads that cannot be skipped for 6 seconds before the videos. Bumper Ads are to be paid per 1000 impressions, not interactions because they cannot be skipped. 

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The cost per 1000 impressions is quite moderate in price. If you can deliver the message in 6 seconds, this may be the most affordable type of ad. It is more effective than banner ads because it appeals to both eyes and ears. 

Masthead Ads

You cannot make this ad type through AdWords. It is the largest advertising model that appears at the top of the YouTube homepage, and the only targeting option is country; meaning that you pay for your ad to be shown 24 hours a day across the country. For this, you need to reach the YouTube advertising teams in advance and make a reservation for the day you want.

Some Tips for Advertising on YouTube

If you have a YouTube account for your business you have to create a nice video content that you want to use in your ads to get to your target audience.

Try to include call to actions that are smart enough to influence your target audience. For example, if your business is about food, you can try to add call to actions when someone is watching a video about food. Only pay attention to your target audience and its environment.

Feedback is very important. Be sure to check your analytic reports to see how you are doing in the search results. If your YouTube account is reached by search engines, then you are in a good way.

advertise on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions About

We can’t say advertising on YouTube is not the best deal because you need a video before you can get ads on YouTube. And considering that you need an immeasurably beautiful ad. In order to reach your target audience correctly, you should create a correct advertisement both visually and audibly.

It may be necessary to pay big bucks to creative teams for production, which does not make much sense, especially for SMEs. Therefore, it seems like YouTube ads are only suitable for big-budget companies.

However, you don’t always have to go into big productions to promote your business. Basically, a video that can deliver the message just right can be the appropriate advertising video for you.

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  1. John Thomas
    John Thomas

    Apparently advertising on YouTube is nothing like advertising on other social media platforms. I have a feeling that it is like nothing else, in terms of investment.