How to Advertise on Facebook? 2019

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Facebook is one of the most ideal platforms in the world for advertising. We’re not saying this, the statistics are saying. Ad options can be personalized and very flexible, providing many advantages for the advertiser. To advertise on Facebook, you don’t need to have expert tech info. Facebook has a special ad section for this. There are many special options available for advertisers and individuals and there is a detailed control panel. You can advertise on Facebook with affordable prices and expand your business or website.

Free Advertise Tips

Is your budget limited? Or you have no money to allocate for advertising? Do not worry. You can use free ad options:

  • You can share your website link or products on crowded Facebook groups
  • You can open and free this page on Facebook.
  • You can share in the profiles or pages of the phenomenon accounts.
  • You can enlarge your friends list and advertise on your profile for free.

But when you do that, you have to do it the way Facebook allows. Otherwise, you will be spamming and this is strictly prohibited.

advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads are really economical if you know how to advertise. Advertising fees vary depending on which keywords, country, and which users you’re targeting. You can allocate a daily budget for yourself and advertise on Facebook. You can start advertising with $ 10 a day. This depends entirely on your budget. You can also advertise $ 500 per day if you want. Your daily spending limit increases as you advertise. You can use this option for your company’s website, Facebook group or page, or any product ad. You can pay with your credit card. Note that suspicious payments will be blocked from your Facebook account. You can only pay with your own credit card.

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Facebook is a really effective social media site for advertising. You can advertise for free or paid. You can even use a little different methods (fake methods). Now we will review these methods:

  • Paid advertising
  • Advertising by page or group
  • Creating fake profiles and advertising
  • Advertising by writing comments to the content of popular groups or pages
  • Increase your friend list and advertise at your profile

If you use methods Facebook does not want, you can risk your account. We highly recommend that you pay attention to this subject. Also, let’s remind you that any illegal sharing on Facebook is prohibited. You may not advertise for illegal content even with paid ads.

advertise on Facebook

Using Apps To Advertise

As you see, you have several options to advertise on Facebook. There are various mobile applications for this, but we don’t recommend using them (i.e. adding bulk friends, mass messaging, bulk commenting). These applications may benefit you in a short time, but they can damage your account. Because Facebook does not allow mass processing. It is better to choose natural advertising methods. You can choose the one that is best for you from paid or free advertising options and start advertising.

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How to Advertise on Facebook? 2019
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