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Add Special Characters to Your Instagram Bio

As Instagram users, we see a lot of posts and stories. Sometimes our Story Feed never ends. Yet we come across very exciting profiles when browsing through the Explore section. Not only do we see profiles in the Explore section, but we can also find lots of interesting profiles in the Recommended section as well. Knowing how to add special characters and symbols to your Instagram bio will make your profile look more noticeable. Some of these profiles have a higher potential to be seen. This is mostly because of their text format, Instagram fonts, if not, the profile picture. Many of these profiles attract our attention because they use special characters in their bio. And we wonder how it is even possible to do that.

Here, we give you some tips for giving your Instagram Bio a more attractive look. There are some tips and tricks to add special characters to your Instagram Bio.

Why Your Instagram Bio is Important

Your Instagram Bio is a gate to your profile. It is a small section of short text right under your username. The content you put here must have 150 characters at most. It is possible to include special characters, hashtags, emojis, a link, and fonts for Instagram. Here are some Instagram Bio Tricks to make it look good. So, make your Instagram handles unique and make yourself stand out. If you are still clueless, learn how to make your Instagram bio.

add special characters to your bio

Add Special Characters to Your Instagram Bio

There are several ways to add special characters to your Instagram bio. Again like before, you need to do it outside Instagram. You can do it by using an Instagram font generator, for example. Adding special characters, or adding different fonts on Instagram for your bio, allows your profile to be more recognizable.

You can add special characters in several ways. One way to do it is by using Word. Open a Word page and write your bio. Then click on ‘Insert’ and click on ‘Advanced Symbol.’ This way, you can move around Word’s symbols, such as arrows or zodiac signs.

text generators

If you do not want to be limited by the special characters on Word, you can use other websites such as Lingojam ( or Sprezz Keyboard. These websites will allow you to write with different fonts and icons that you cannot find on Instagram or Word.

You can add special characters to your ‘Name’ section to make it look interesting, especially if you’re in the ‘Recommended’ section of others. However, keep in mind that the ‘Name’ section only allows you to enter 30 characters.

Adding Line Breaks to Your Bio

Usually, it is not possible to add line breaks to Instagram Bio because even if you click on return, Instagram does not let you change the line in the bio section. But you can do it outside Instagram.

All you have to do is write your bio on another writing app, such as Word. Write your bio on another app with line breaks, and then copy the text. Paste the text on your Instagram Bio, click on ‘Done,’ and then you can have a bio with line breaks.

Using the Name Section

The name section in Instagram Bio is a place that can be used as the keyword. When searching from the Explore section or searching via hashtags, results might come by the names of the profiles.

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If you write a title in your Name section, you will be seen in the results when users search by that title. For example, if you write ‘nutritionist’ or ‘fit life,’ your profile will come out in the results according to that. This might be uncommon to know, but it is indeed very useful.

Adding Different Alignments 

As we mentioned before, it is not possible to do such things on the Instagram Bio section, just like line breaks. Again you need to use a different app to write your bio with different alignments. Copy your text and paste it on your Instagram Bio, click on ‘Done,’ and there you have a bio with different alignments.

If you have more questions about your Instagram bio or moreover about Instagram, check the Instagram Help page.


Here are some tips and tricks to make your Instagram Bio look better and more professional. We mentioned how important your Instagram Bio is and gave you information about how to make your Instagram Bio more attractive. There are many ways to do that, from adding line breaks to using the ‘Name’ section, also explained how to add special characters to your Instagram Bio. We hope our article has been helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Adding links is very easy. You just have to go to Instagram Bio and click on ‘Edit Profile.’ Then add the link you want and click on ‘Save.’

The answer may change depending on your profile, but here are some tips. You should add your name, username, and website address if you have one. After you can include your posting category, call to action buttons if you want your audience to take action. Including special characters will make it look better.

Keeping it short and informative is more attractive. You can add your position or role, identify your company or your service and include at least one accomplishment.

As we explained in the article, you can take advantage of using different fonts and symbols to personalize your Instagram bio according to your wants.

We recommend using your own unique Instagram bio for your account. This way, your account will represent you more.

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  1. Glen Ashley
    Glen Ashley

    I used to get an error message whenever I tried adding special characters on my Instagram bio but your method fixed everything.

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