How to Add Music to Instagram Story? (Updated – 2019)

How to Add Music to Instagram Story? (Updated – 2019)

This feature, which was added by Instagram last year, was appreciated by users. The option to add music to the Story section was one of the most effective of the actual updates.

Although it is not yet valid in all operating systems and countries, it is used in many countries, especially in the USA.

Many users don’t know yet how to add music to the Instagram story. The biggest reason for this lack of information is that this feature is not active in all countries yet.

So users are doing this with the help of some additional applications for now.

However, some of these apps should never be trusted by anyone at all. It is up to their pleasure to reach all of your sensitive data and do stuff on your behalf.

Therefore, we suggest users wait for a while for a Music sticker to appear in their country. Otherwise, for us, the risks do not add up to the rewards.

How to Add Music to Your Story

If you don’t see this feature in the story tab, there may be two reasons. Either it has not been activated in your country yet or it does not apply to the operating system of your mobile device.

We’ll ignore these two possibilities and let’s explain how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Story section.
  2. Add a new Instagram Story.
  3. Tap on to the sticker icon on the top screen.
  4. Select the Music sticker.
  5. Choose a song.
  6. And you did it! Enjoy your music.

3rd Party Apps That Allow You to Use Instagram Music

If you want to add music to an Instagram Story by using an application, you can find many at the apps market (Android & iOS).

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These applications are usually very detailed music apps. You can add, edit, or add different formats to the music file.

For this simple process, we don’t know if you need such detailed applications. But you can use it if you have to. You don’t mind.

Before using the application, try the methods we described above.

Why Instagram Music Might Not Work?

Didn’t the method we described above work? Do not worry. Every problem has a solution.

This feature may not be active on mobile phones with Android versions. Or it may not support your area (due to a copyright problem, this type of restriction is done).

You can change the user information you use in the app market and select a different country. Thus, the restriction is eliminated.

Another option is to get support from 3rd party applications. You can trust these applications and write your Instagram password if it’s not a problem for you.

We’d like to tell you about a very interesting method. If you can’t add story music to Instagram, add music as a video.

Record any music you want to a blank video as a background sound and add the video. It’s a bit of an interesting method, but it works!

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