How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social platform that helps individuals find jobs or internships through their CVs, and with the new update, interests also play a big role. You can contact people who worked in the same or similar schools or with similar interests and jobs by writing down your past education and work experiences. You can follow the companies and see the job postings they have published.

The Additional Information section on LinkedIn profiles introduced the Interest area at the beginning of 2017. Your potential employers may want to get to know you outside of your education or work experience. For this reason, you should add your interests to your LinkedIn profile. But when adding your interests, remember that professional people will view these. You may like knitting or cars, but when it comes to LinkedIn, we don’t think your audience is interested in them. You can add the news sources, thought leaders, companies, schools, and groups you follow to the section on your profile.

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Adding Interests to Your LinkedIn Profile

Let’s see how we can add interest to our profile together.

  1. Sign in using your username and password.
  2. Find people, companies, schools, or groups you are interested in using the search bar.
  3. When you hit the Follow button on the person’s or company’s profile page, the company will be listed in your profile’s interests section.
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How to Remove Interests on LinkedIn?

The people, companies, and groups you follow may not be interesting to you anymore, or they may be out of date and not informative anymore or something that is not related to your work. For this reason, you may no longer want to see these pages, or you want nobody to see them and want to remove them from your interests.

What should you do if you want to remove interests on LinkedIn?

  1. View your Linkedin profile
  2. Scroll down until you see “Interests” and hit “See All.”
  3. View your interest by category
  4. To remove interests in the categories Of Influencers, Companies, and Schools, click the checkbox to Unfollow.
  5. You can also hide your LinkedIn profile as well.

FAQ’s on How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

Can we view the interests of a person we follow?

To view a person’s interests, you follow, enter the member’s profile, go to the Interests Section, and click show more.

When I stop following someone, will I still see their updates in my feed?

Once you unfollow a contact, no updates from that person will appear in your feed.

What interests should I add to LinkedIn?

Adding interests related to your education, where you work, or where you want to work will make you look more professional.

Can I hide my interests on LinkedIn?

You can’t hide the content on your private profile; you can hide much of the content that appears on your public profile. For example, your education, your interests, your business history.

Why should I add my interests on LinkedIn?

It is useful because it lets other users know what do you like and curious. You can find people who graduated from the same school as you. It can even help you to connect with other people who like what you like. Connecting with other people means new opportunities.

To Conclude LinkedIn

In this article, we briefly explained what LinkedIn is and adding your interests to LinkedIn and removing the interests you have added; we gave you some tips about which interest you should add your profile.

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  1. Believe it or not, adding interests on LinkedIn helps HR understand your personality better. I suggest anyone looking for a job add interests on LinkedIn.