How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page?

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page?

Managers have the power to do everything on Facebook pages. However, there are not only managers but also different page roles like content creators or moderators on the platform. These people’s abilities are more limited than managers, but they play a significant role, including creating ads and blocking users. Therefore, if you have a business account, you may need to add an admin to the Facebook page.

Facebook actually offers different roles for the pages. An admin is not the only user with an authority. Let’s see what kind of other roles Facebook has to offer.

The Different Page Roles on Facebook

What Are The Different Page Roles on Facebook?

There are five different types of admin roles on Facebook pages. If you have a Facebook business page, you can get some support from other people or fill all of these roles yourself.

  • Manager: Remember, managers have the power to do everything on their Facebook pages. They manage page roles, edit the page, create or delete content, leave a comment, remove or ban people from the page, and send messages.
  • Content Creator: Content creators can edit the page, post a status update, create advertisements. Shortly, they can do everything like a manager, except add a new admin.
  • Moderator: The moderators can reply to comments, block users, send messages, and create advertisements. However, they can not make and share content on the page.
  • Insights Analyst: The insights analyst can view the insights, page quality tab, and see who published as the page.
  • Advertiser: In addition to the insights analyst’s roles, they create ads and promotions on the page.
Adding an admin to Facebook

How Can You Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page?

Here are the steps to add an admin to a Facebook page

  • Log in to your Facebook account with your email address/phone number and password, and click the ‘Page Settings’ button.
  • Tap ‘Page Roles.’
  • You will see the ‘Assign a New Page Role,’ and choose the ‘Admin’ option.
  • Click ‘Add.’

FAQs About Adding an Admin to the Facebook Page

How many admin roles can be added to Facebook pages?

Up to 5 different roles can be added; manager, content creator, advertiser, moderator, and insights analyst.

Why can’t you add the person you want to add as an admin?

You must be the admin of the page; if not, you will not be able to do it.

Can a Facebook page have more than one admin?

Yes, of course. There isn’t any limitation.

Are your posts deleted if you are removed from your Facebook page?

Not yet, at least; your content will remain on the page.

How can you remove someone as an admin on your page?

Go to your page and then click the ‘Edit Page’ button. You will see ‘Admin Roles’; click on it. Click on the ‘X’ button next to the person you want to remove. Then click the ‘Save Changes’ button. The page may ask your Facebook password for security.

Adding an Admin to the Facebook Page In Short

If you are a Facebook page manager, you can easily add an admin to the Facebook page following some steps to get support from other users.

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