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How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram?

How Not to Lose Followers on Instagram?

After a relatively “rosy” period, your Instagram profile started losing followers. Not having understood the exact reason why this happened, you started wondering if there is something wrong with the content you post on your account and you would like to shed some light on the subject. If that’s the case, there’s no doubt: you are in the right guide at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, we will have the opportunity to explain how not to lose followers on Instagram, providing you with “tips” about the content to post and giving you some advice on the mistakes to avoid. Before delving into the subject’s heart, however, we would like to make a necessary clarification: there are no “magic formulas” to avoid losing followers on Instagram. What you can do is try to stop the bleeding of followers, affecting your account with some practical measures. Therefore, take into account that there will always be some users who will stop following you on the famous photographic social network for one reason or another.

If everything is clear to you so far and you want to deepen the subject, focus on reading the following paragraphs, and implement the instructions we will give you. Even if we can’t promise you “miracles,” we’re sure you will be able to stop, at least a little, the loss of followers that has affected your account in the last period. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

Treat a Specific Topic

One of the first steps to avoid losing followers on Instagram is dealing with a specific topic, thus avoiding varying your profile’s main theme (especially if you use it for professional purposes).

Indeed it will have happened to you too to get many followers thanks to a specific post you published and to notice that, after some time, they had stopped following you. This happened most likely for a straightforward reason: the users in question noticed that you also deal with other topics on your profile, and, not being interested in them, they decided to stop following you.

Suppose you want to vary the type of content you post. In that case, you can try to deal with a specific topic using a little ingenuity not to risk going “off-topic,” perhaps using Stories for this purpose.

Do you want us to provide you some practical examples? Let’s say that on your Instagram profile, you mainly deal with topics that have to do with the world of travel. You could post content that portrays you while you are in a beautiful tourist destination or talk about specific topics relating to travel (for example, an infographic in which you provide tips on saving on vacation).

Try to work out and come up with new ideas on how to treat the central theme of your Instagram page without boring your audience and without going off-topic, and you will see that your profile will gain in variety and, at the same time, consistency.

Create quality content

Create Quality Content

Making quality content is of paramount importance to avoid losing followers. Suppose a certain number of users have started following you. In that case, probably it’s because they appreciated the quality of your shots and, therefore, you have to maintain the same quality standard or even try to raise it. In addition to retaining your current followers, you will likely also attract other users’ attention who may, in turn, start following you.

As you probably already know, being a social network that focuses everything on visual content, the quality of the photos and videos you post is crucial to leave a positive mark in other users’ minds. How can you be sure that content has a quality that “deserves” to be published on your Instagram profile? You could try to look critically at the shots (and the videos) you intend to publish.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing Content to Your Followers:

  • Are they beautiful to look at?
  • What message do they convey?
  • If I saw such content posted by another user, would I feel encouraged to continue following it, or would I stop to do it?

Asking these questions is very important to notice any defects regarding the content you intend to publish.

Always remaining on the subject of quality, we also advise you to be original and create content that is captivating and able to stand out from those of the masses. How can you do it? Try to experiment with new styles and new ways of communicating with images. Furthermore, when you take a photo or shoot a movie, try to do it from various points of view: sometimes, a few details are enough to create original and suggestive content.

Suppose you want to try to improve your skills as a photographer. In that case, we suggest you read some of the specific guides such as how to:

  • Look good in photos?
  • Take photos for Instagram?
  • Shoot beautiful photos with your mobile phone, such as taking perfect selfies?
  • Take artistic selfies?
be regular and active on instagram

Be Regular and Active on Instagram

Being regular and active on Instagram is very important to avoid losing followers. If you don’t update your profile with new content, it might seem neglected, if not downright abandoned. Therefore, the advice that we invite you to follow is to regularly publish new posts and new Stories with which to keep your followers updated on your activities.

It is also of fundamental importance to be active on the social network. How? For example, by “Liking” your followers’ comments and, above all, replying to their comments: by doing so, the users who follow you will feel taken into consideration by you. It is more likely that they continue to follow you.

Create Stories on Instagram

Stories are viral on Instagram (in fact, they are the type of content that is the most popular), and that is why you would do well to create new ones regularly. In fact, through the Stories, it is possible to communicate your activities in a faster, “light” and fun way, without risking to “stain” your profile with off-topic posts.

To create an Instagram Story, you need to log into the Instagram app on Android or iOS and tap the top left camera icon.

follow your followers

Follow Your Followers

Following your followers can be another useful measure to avoid losing them. People who start following you on Instagram expect you to “reciprocate” by following them in turn. When they don’t, they usually remove the follow.

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Let’s be clear: you don’t have to feel obliged to start following all those who become your followers, but know that by following at least some of them (at least the profiles you think are most interesting), you could avoid their unfollow.

How can you start following a user on Instagram who already follows you? Log in to your Instagram account from the official social network app for Android or iOS. Press the icon of the little man located at the bottom right, tap on the number corresponding to your follower number, find the ones next to which the Follow button is present, and press on it to follow them.

Conclusion: Work on Your Base!

The last bit from the cake of advice we can give you is that it is sometimes better to work on your follower base, rather than expand it.

The reason is simple, and it is always the same: what are the numbers for without the results?

What’s the point if you have 10k followers and your posts get 80 likes, and 100 people view your stories?

Work on your follower base and retain your audience in such a way as to make them participate in your possible growth because a loyal follower will remain with you (most likely) even after your profile has grown.

In this article, we’ve informed you about everything you need to do to not lose followers on Instagram. So now you can Buy Instagram Followers and instantly increase your follower count even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

You are posting too frequently. You might lose followers if your posts come in such rapid succession that people are inundated with your content and have difficulty seeing other types of content in their feed. Solution: Scale back

You can determine the post/follower ratio with this simple formula: 
•1-2 posts a day for 1-1000 followers, 
•2-3 posts a day for 1,000-10,000, 
•3-4 posts a day for 10.000-50.000, 
•5-6 posts a day for 100.000-500.000, and 
•8+ posts a day for a half to a million followers.

Yes, it does. As Instagram states: “Starting today, we will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity.”

This happened, and Instagram removed a LOT of accounts. It appears some glitch or bug caused the issue. In a statement tweet, Instagram said: “We’re aware of an issue causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Average engagement on Instagram sits somewhere around 4%. So if you have 1,000 followers, you should be getting at least 40 engagements from them when you post.

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    Losing followers on Instagram is the single most frustrating thing that can happen to an influencer. Thank you for telling us the ways to prevent this.