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How Much Is YouTube Worth?

Estimating the value of the largest video-sharing site in the world may not be an easy task. Youtube, owned by Google, has been on the rise more than before and is constantly updated. So, how much is Youtube worth exactly?

Revenue of the Youtube Advertising System is among the most curious topics. Experts point at least 10 billion annually for advertising revenue. Considering that only members can watch videos without ads, it is not difficult to understand why video ads are such a big income source. Moreover, according to a statement from Bank of America regarding Youtube’s 2017 revenue, this ratio reached 13 billion. In the same year, according to Mizuho’s statement, this rate was 12 billion. In February 2017, according to estimates by Colin Sebastian in February 2017, Youtube earned annual revenue of over 15 billion.

What Is Youtube’s 2019 Revenue? 

Youtube stars and Youtube channels are creating proper advertising spaces where ads can be published for Youtube. The total power of these areas is very high. Statements made say that the revenue of Youtube ads was $ 15.15 billion in 2019. This rate was only $ 11.15 billion in 2018. In other words, we are talking about a utopian increase of about 4 billion dollars in a year.

What Is the Worth of Youtube Compared to Other Google Services

What Is the Worth of Youtube Compared to Other Google Services? 

As you know, Youtube is a service of Google. Google Cloud’s business system announced $ 8.92 billion in the year and also YouTube announced annual revenue of $ 15.15 billion. 

Advertising revenue is not only the work of top Youtubes who own a million subscribers. Many Youtube stars with smaller-scale followers also cause a competitive advertising environment to be created, and companies from all sectors to advertise on Youtube.

Youtube With Numbers

Youtube With Numbers

With the spread of Coronavirus worldwide, it is possible to say that the rate of use of Youtube has increased rapidly. According to the data announced by Youtube by The Street, the following figures were reached in 2018:

  1. The amount of users who log into their accounts at least once a month is more than 1.8 billion.
  2. Daily viewing amounts to more than 1 billion hours.
  3. The number of uploads is more than 500 hours per minute.
  4. Average mobile viewing sessions for 60 minutes.
  5. Viewing from outside the United States is 80 percent.

Sometime after the end of 2021 2021, data will be published. The latest published data belong to 2019. After 2018’s approximately 1.8 billion users, surveys conducted in May 2019 revealed that the number of users increased to 2 billion. In the United States, most penetration by age statistics is between the ages of 15 and 25 (81 percent). While this rate is 71 percent for the 26-35 age range, it is 67 percent for the 26-45 age range.

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Conclusion: The Worth of Youtube 

If you are curious about Youtube’s worth, it would be a good idea to try to even exceed 100 billion Dollars because the advertisement revenue of this platform alone was 15.15 billion Dollars in 2019, while the total revenue of Google from all other services is 17 billion dollars. In short, Youtube, one of Google’s highest revenue-generating services. It seems like we will see Youtube’s rising in the following years, too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Data showing 800 million in January 2012 was 2 billion in May 2019. This means a very rapid increase.

Despacito, the video released by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee, in January 2017, is the most popular one. The total views of the video are 6.87 billion.

According to July 2021 data, the T-Series channel is the most followed channel with 146 billion subscribers. The channel in the Hindi language broadcasts in the music and curation area.

According to Youtube 2019 statistics, Ryan Kaji was the influencer who made the most money from Youtube. The name of this influencer’s primary channel is Ryan’s World. The total earnings of this channel in a year are determined as 26 million USD.

Sharing content in the right category means gaining followers on Youtube and thus earning advertising revenue. Advertising revenues can be obtained directly from the Youtube platform or earned through additional influencing deals.

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  1. Eli Mills
    Eli Mills

    YouTube is worth more than what I’ll make in my entire life. Crazy how people come up with such things.