How Much Is YouTube Premium? (2021)

How Much Is YouTube Premium? (2021)

YouTube is one of the most searched websites all over the world, and many people searching YouTube Premium also called YouTube Red, want to explore the YouTube world more. The features of YouTube Premium and its price are frequently searched on the internet, and many users already started to use YouTube Red. So, how much is YouTube Premium?

If you are fed up with watching ads on YouTube every time you try to watch something, then it might be the time for you to subscribe to premium. Now let’s take a look at what the Premium subscription has to offer and how much it is.

What is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube Premium is an offer of YouTube to watch videos and playlists and have your channel with some additional features comparing the standard YouTube website. Here are the things that you can do with YouTube Red: 

  • The best feature is you can continue to play videos in the background. 
  • There is no advertisement on YouTube Red. 
  • You can download videos to watch them offline when there is no internet connection.  
  • You can have access to many YouTube features like YouTube Originals and YouTube Music. 
How Much Is YouTube Red?

How Much Is YouTube Red? 

If you want to try YouTube Premium, you can try the first month for free. You can try a one-month trial to explore YouTube Premium before getting involved in paying for YouTube Premium. After the first month, YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month. 

If you want to add other people to your account, you can pay an extra $6 per month to add up to five people. Especially, paying $17.99 to YouTube Premium is a great offer for big families. 

You can cancel your YouTube Premium whenever you want. It is affordable and at a good price if you consider being able to have five members in one account. 

FAQ About YouTube Premium Worth

What can I do with YouTube Premium?

You can watch videos without ads and download them to watch offline when there is no internet connection. Also, the videos can be played in the background.

Is YouTube Premium expensive?

No, you can even try the first month free. YouTube Premium only costs $11.99 per month

How can I try YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium offers a one-month trial to its users. You can try YouTube Premium the first month before starting to pay it.

What is YouTube Premium

Conclusion on YouTube Premium Worth

We have touched upon how much is YouTube Premium. YouTube Red is an amazing offer for YouTube users. It has many extra features comparing the standard website. 

It is also not expensive. For more than one user, it only costs $17.99 per month and, up to 5 people can use YouTube Premium at that price. You can try YouTube Premium free for the first month and then continue to play videos at affordable prices.  

If you want to learn more about YouTube, check out our latest articles about it. You may be interested in what is YouTube TV.

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  1. How do I delete the family group coverage on youtube premium? I should be paying only $11.99 but I am paying $17.99! Do I have to cancel my entire youtube premium to get rid of the family coverage?