How Much Does Instagram Pays?

How Much Does Instagram Pays?

If you are asking the same question of does Instagram pays you, you should know this is a common misconception about Instagram, because Instagram does not pay to any of so-called influencers, Instagram models or internet celebrities, but brands and businesses do.

If you have a lot of people following you on Instagram, you’re actually a powerhouse for marketing and promoting purposes.

You have a relevant audience that looks up to you.

These people love you, some of them take this to the deat, and they are ready to buy anything if they see you have already bought it.

Sounds good, right? This is why these influencers post sponsored content. Brands and companies pay these people, and give them free stuff so they can showcase those items on their Stories and posts.

So, we can’t talk about Instagram careers as that’s a subject of another article as their team is made of developers, designers, and such; not influencers.

How much these influencers get paid depends upon many things but how can they manage to make money with just posting about something?

Let’s see how much does Instagram pays through brands and companies to influencers.

How Much Instagram Influencers Make?

According to many digital marketers, influencer pricing can vary but a good rule to follow is one cent per follow, which makes $100 per 10k followers.

From there other factors come into consideration as engagement rate, client’s financial plan, length of the campaign and other specifics can differ.

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does Instagram pay you

According to Instagram influencer Matt Crump’s Instagram Story, general pricing for all influencers look like this:

  • 5-10k = $100 – $500
  • 10-25k = $500 – $800
  • 25-50k = $800 – $1500
  • 50-100k = $1500 – $2000
  • 100-250k = $2000 – $6000
  • 250k-1m = $6000 – $10000
  • 1m+ = $10000+

As you consider these numbers, you would not expect a micro-influencer with 50k followers to pay his or her rent with ad money.

However, many micro-influencers quit their day jobs when they hit the 100k cap to focus on creating more content. That is why we call influencers under 100k followers as micro-influencers.
does Instagram pay you

But people tend to trust micro-influencers more than controversial names like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, etc. Something about them makes them come off as trustworthy persons.

People’s thoughts about why this is happening are indicating similar and aspiring lifestyles.

Because people see micro-influencers as ‘someone from within’, they incline to see them as friendly persons and they engage with those micro-influencers more.

As a matter of fact, influencers’ engagement rates drop when their follower numbers go up.

Digital marketers explain this with the same old reasons.

So, does Instagram pay you? No, but you can still get great money on Instagram.

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