How Much do Instagram Models Make?

How Much do Instagram Models Make?

Today in this post will go over the title how much do Instagram models make. Instagram has opened a whole new market of the relationship for models and companies looking for advertisement through social media influencers. Basically, an Influencer is someone who has influence on social media meaning followers for Instagram, the more followers the bigger the influencer and the more money they can request. Models on Instagram have really captivated on the fact that companies are willing to pay for reviews on their products, shout-outs or just pay for them to incorporate the company’s product into their Instagram post. Sometimes companies will send free products or just a big fat check. There are a lot of variables.

A Different Generation

Before companies would pay for commercials on TV. That has become quite obsolete as nowadays  people consume online where there are no ads, for example online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video. Especially when companies want to target the younger generation and millennials companies had to make the switch to social media platforms where a big portion of people were. Instagram is also advertisement heaven for companies because Instagram has made it considerably easy to target certain audiences with hashtags and other features. But how much can models charge exactly?

How Much do Instagram Models Make

A Few Examples of Successful Models

Forbes has a list of top influencers and one that stands out is Jennifer Selter. Once a gym front desk clerk now has over 10 million followers but how much do Instagram models make? Reporters stated that she gets upwards of $15 000 sometimes even close to $50 000 per-post. That’s a lot of money for posting a picture.

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Forbes reported about the big-name Kayla Itsines. Her “Sweat with Kayla” fitness app has generated 17 million revenue in 2016. She currently has 11.5 million followers on Instagram.

kylie jenner Instagram

Kylie Jenner is the highest paid model on Instagram.

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