How Much Data Does Google Maps Use?

How Much Data Does Google Maps Use?

When we are going somewhere we don’t know, we use Google Maps and it facilitates our journey. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere we don’t know, sometimes we use it to avoid traffic if we are driving at the rush hour. Yet, how much data does Google Maps use?

It is an amazing application, a life savior. It makes us think how did we ever live without Google Maps or a GPS? Nowadays it is almost impossible to go somewhere without checking Google Maps first. Usually, it works well and the amount of time of our journey is amazingly correct in most cases.

Google Maps is a smart application. It learns our destinations and our departure times. Then it sends notifications that are suggesting to make our travel easier such as saving the destinations or showing us the amount of traffic and time for arriving out destination.

Well, Google Maps offers a lot. The variety of services brings out the question; ‘how much data does it use?’

It Depends on How You Use Google Maps

It Depends on How You Use Google Maps

We have mentioned that Google Maps offers a lot of services. The data it uses depends on the purpose of your use. If you are using Google Maps just for a drive, it uses something around 5 MB per hour. 

It does not sound much right? Because Google Maps is efficient with its data using. When connected to Wi-Fi, Google Maps downloads the map and saves data by doing that. You can download the map of an area and save the app from using more mobile data as well.

It is possible to use it offline to save data, but doing so limits its services. You can search for points of interest that are downloaded in the app lastly. When using it offline, it is unable to show the traffic details but still gives an approximate arrival time according to the information used previously.

However, if you are using Google Maps not just for a drive, then it is obvious that it is going to use more than 5 MB per hour. Yet, Google Maps proved itself to be an efficient data user. Even it is being stated in Reddit as well.

No matter what are you doing on Google Maps, it is sure that it uses less data than Apple’s map application.

Conclusion – No Need to Worry

Google Maps is a life-saving application. It has been in our lives not for a long time but we already forgot how to live without it. The services it offers are amazing and it brings us the question; ‘how much data does Google Maps use?’

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Thankfully not too much, you can use your Google Maps without worrying about the data usage. Safe travels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is pretty easy to use Google Street View. Open Google Maps, then tap and hold on a street. When you do so, an image will pop up showing the street. Tap on that image and you will get into the Google Street View.

Open the Google Play Store and tap on the three-lined button on the top of the page. Then tap on ‘My Apps & Games.’ If Google Maps is on the ‘Update’ section, tap on the ‘Update’ button next to it.

Yes, you can download the app from App Store. Google Maps is available for both Android and iOS.

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