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How Many Highlights on Instagram Can You Have?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, connect with others, and discover new content. One of the features of Instagram is the ability to create highlights, which are collections of related posts displayed prominently on your profile page. If you’re an avid Instagram user, you might wonder how many highlights you can have on the platform. In this article, we’ll explore the limits of highlights and provide some tips on effectively managing and organizing your highlights. We’ll also introduce you to a useful tool called the “highlights downloader”, which can help you download and save your highlights for offline viewing.

Is There A Maximum Number of Instagram Highlights That Can Be Created?

On Instagram, each highlight can contain up to 100 photos or videos. There is no maximum number of highlights that you can create. When you have more highlights than can fit on one screen, you can scroll left and right to view them all.

Instagram organizes highlights based on the viewer’s activity on your account. In other words, highlights will appear differently for different viewers depending on which posts they have interacted with the most. So, you can add up to 100 photos or videos to a single highlighted category and create as many highlights as you want. That’s why you may need to learn how to delete highlights on Instagram.

How Can I Create A Highlight on Instagram?

If you need a a detailed guide about creating highlights on Instagram, just follow the steps below.

Enable “Save Story to Archive” on Instagram

To create an Instagram highlight, ensure you enable “Save story to archive” in your settings. To do this:

enable save story to archive on instagram
  1. Go to your profile and tap the menu icon in the top right corner.
  2. From there, go to Settings > Privacy > Story, and scroll down to “Save story to archive.”
  3. Switch the toggle on to enable archiving.

Create A New Highlight on Instagram

Once archiving is turned on, you can create a new highlight by adding your story. To do this:

create a new highlight on instagram
  1. Open your Instagram story and tap on the highlight icon at the bottom.
  2. In the “Add to Highlights” pop-up, click “New.”
  3. Name the highlight, edit the cover if desired, and click “Add” and “Done.”

Create A Highlight with Old Story

If you want to create a highlight using a story you posted in the past;

create a highlight with old story
  1. Go to your profile and tap “New.”
  2. Check the stories you want to add to the highlight, then tap “Next.”
  3. Name the highlight, adjust the cover, and then tap “Add” and “Done.”

Your new Instagram highlight will now appear on your profile. If you experience problems with it, you should contact Instagram Support.

Instagram Highlights Downloader

The Highlights download tool is a tool that allows you to download the featured stories of Instagram users. This is impossible through the app or website, but special tools like the Highlights download tool have been developed to enable this feature. The tool allows you to secretly track and download Instagram highlights. It is free and easy to use. To use the tool, firstly, simply type the Instagram username of the user whose highlights you want to download into the provided box or paste a link you have copied. Then, click on the “search” button. You will see the highlights for the user you searched for. Then, you can view and download them by clicking on them and using the download button.


In conclusion, we hope this article has helped answer your questions about Instagram highlights. We learned that there is no limit to the number of them you can have on Instagram. Also, you can add up to 100 photos or videos to each highlight. We hope this information will be useful for you. Overall, Instagram highlights are a great way to showcase your best content and keep it easily accessible to your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Instagram Stories are only available to view for a limited time of 24 hours. However, Instagram Stories Highlights can be displayed indefinitely on your profile.

There is no restriction on the number of Highlights that can be created and displayed on your profile. You can add up to 100 photos or videos to each Instagram Stories Highlight.

There is no maximum limit to the number of Instagram Stories Highlights you can create and add to your profile.

If you want to use Stories Highlights to showcase private content on your profile, you must first share it as a Story.

Instagram does not notify the user when someone takes a screenshot of their content, whether it is a Story, a post, or a reel.

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