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How Many Hashtags To Use on Reels? 

Social media sites like Instagram Reels rely heavily on hashtags to help users find content. The ideal hashtag count has been a topic of discussion for a while now. Finding the right amount of hashtags for your Reels can greatly impact how easily people can find and interact with your content. In general, Instagram advises us to use fewer hashtags for Instagram posts as too many hashtags might make you look fake or suspicious. However, we’re not sure if it’s the same for Instagram Reels. So, let’s try to figure out how many hashtags to use on Reels. To understand better, let’s check out our hypothesis and find an answer.

Hypothesis: 3-5 Hashtags on Reels Gives You the Same Amount of Reach as 30 

We have two different Instagram accounts with different engagement rates to see how many hashtags to use on Reels. Our theory is that a post with a maximum of 30 hashtags may receive the same amount of visibility and interaction as a post with 3–5 hashtags. Therefore, we’ll see if maximizing hashtags is crucial to boosting your audience. Don’t forget that you can also buy Instagram Reels views to boost your posts!


We tested our hypothesis through two different accounts by using trending hashtags for Instagram Reels. We uploaded similar content and used 3 to 5 hashtags to post Reels from both accounts. Additionally, we then uploaded content with 30 hashtags to compare the results. Over a predetermined time, follower growth, engagement rates, and reach were among the metrics we tracked. Also, learn more about how the Instagram Reels algorithm works.

The Initial Results (And a Revised Methodology) 

When we checked our Instagram Reels views, it seemed like adding 30 hashtags didn’t make a difference. Turns out, adding 30 different hashtags may not boost your account if you have very few followers or posts. It’s because Instagram may see your empty account as a scam or a bot. After all, your interactions with other accounts are a key part of the Reels algorithm. If you have an empty account, you won’t get any new interactions, no matter how many hashtags you use.  

hashtag use results

The Actual Results 

Finally, let’s decide upon how many hashtags to use on Reels. If you have an active account, adding 30 different hashtags seems to be an effective method for boosting your Reels views. Based on our results, the best-performing videos are the ones with 30 hashtags each. Considering the opposite was true with our Instagram posts experiment, the result is surprising regarding Instagram Reels. 

Therefore, the final results showed a more complex picture after the methodology was revised and factors were taken into consideration. There was a noticeable increase in reach and engagement for Reels with 3 to 5 hashtags. However, in terms of overall visibility and impressions, the 30-hashtag Reels consistently performed better. You can use our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool to improve your tags!

What Do the Results Mean? 

While Instagram posts tend to perform better with fewer hashtags, Instagram Reels appear to reach a wider audience when we add more hashtags. The results show that while using as few hashtags as possible can still result in a significant amount of reach and engagement on Reels, using as many as 30 hashtags tends to bring more views. However, you need more than just a hashtag strategy to succeed in getting more Instagram Reels views. Keep in mind that you should still create engaging and original videos. Finding a balance between your creativity and the strategic use of hashtags can be the way to boost your account. Check the Instagram Help Center to learn more about this platform!

In summary 

If you wonder how to increase your Instagram Reels views much faster, don’t forget to add trending hashtags for Instagram Reels. What’s more, you can always check out social media services to buy Instagram Reels views. To see our Instagram solutions, visit our Instagram services section on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

According to the research, using 30 hashtags may result in greater visibility, even though using just 3–5 hashtags can still generate meaningful engagement. To determine which approach is most effective for your content, test out both.

Choose hashtags that fit your audience, content, and current trends. Check out trending hashtags for Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience while focusing on niche markets.

It frequently relies on your approach to content creation. Hashtags tailored to specific niches reach a more involved audience with a greater interest in those topics, increasing the likelihood of engagement. To maximize both specificity and reach, combining the two types can help find a balance.

Experimenting with hashtags helps you reach new audiences. While you should retain a few consistent hashtags that closely correspond with your content niche, rotate your hashtags periodically to ensure a varied reach.

Steer clear of banned or useless hashtags; they might limit your audience and even cause your content to appear hidden in search results. Use hashtags that are specifically associated with your content to preserve authenticity.

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  1. Ashley M.
    Ashley M.

    This article was super helpful! Understanding the right number of hashtags to use on Reels can be tricky, and your insights made it much clearer. Now I feel more confident about my hashtag strategy.

  2. Tim L.
    Tim L.

    Great read on hashtag usage for Instagram Reels. The tips on balancing quantity and relevance of hashtags were especially useful. It’s good to have a guide that cuts through the confusion.