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How Many Followers Do Celebrities Have in 2024?

We are at the stage of our lives where we’re aware of everyone with one click. Back in the day, there were only people we loved at the focus of our lives. More than that, we didn’t care much. We used to follow the celebrities we liked on tv or in magazines. The world would be huge for all of us. But now the “other side” of the world is hidden on the nightstand next to our bed, hidden under our pillow, or in the front pocket of our bag. The world is now at our fingertips. And we can see how many followers do celebrities have on Instagram. 

Instagram has spread steadily since 2010 and has become a platform where we spend a minimum of 3 hours of our days. Currently, one of the three most popular social media apps in the world is Instagram. We can see thousands of shares every hour and every minute; Instagram brings its popularity to the top with its updates and innovations. Let’s now see the most followed people on Instagram.

Celebrities on Instagram

Now almost everyone has an Instagram account, footballers, singers, politicians, players… All kinds of people have their page. The accounts that people follow the most are, of course, well-known people worldwide. Celebrity accounts have millions of followers. Hundreds of thousands of likes and comments in a second are always notified of the photos. Check the Instagram Help page if you have questions about the popular app.

Of course, it would not be wrong to say there is competition on this platform as in every field. Celebrities also care a lot about the number of followers. The ads they receive depend on the number of their followers; by sharing one photo, they add wealth to their fortune. So how many followers do celebrities have in 2023? For you, we’ve listed the ten celebrities who have the most followers on Instagram. You’ll see numbers that are hard to believe.

Before the end of the first month of 2023, a celebrity with the most followers on Instagram exceeded the 200 million limit. No one’s ever reached that number before.

Many thought this celebrity was Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or Kim Kardashian. But they were wrong. Maybe you didn’t expect it, but Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who broke the record.

Cristiano Instagram followers

Cristiano Ronaldo

So, who has the most followers on Instagram? Selena Gomez was the most followed on Instagram until 2018. And now, the most followed person on Instagram is Cristiano. It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Ronaldo had received the throne from that year onwards and is still retaining his throne. Ronaldo shares his family, friends, and training moments on the football field on Instagram. 

They have four children with his partner Georgina Rodriguez. One of the first names imaginable in the field of football, Ronaldo, has 2590 million followers, and it’s a bit about these intimate shares. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of audience not only on Instagram but also in the world of Twitter. Brandwatch included Ronaldo on the “50 Most People Influential on Twitter” list. We wish him happiness in this little kingdom. Everyone’s pleased with their king!

Ariana Grande Instagram followers

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande began her professional career on Broadway at the age of 15. In February 2019, Ariana Grande owned America’s three most listened songs. This beautiful actress and singer, who is now 29 years old, quickly reached incredible audiences with her character “Cat Valentine” and her songs. We soon say that because she has won 2 Grammy nominations, 3 American Music Awards, 2 MTV European Music Awards, and an MTV Video Music award during her music career. It’s an incredible achievement for someone so young. 

Of course, a star with so much fame and millions of fans in a short time would be worthy of millions of followers. The artist, who infiltrated everyone’s hearts with her high ponytail hairstyle and dimples, now has 374 million fans on Instagram.

Ariana also has very good visual taste, and it’s not hard to tell from her Instagram feed. When we look at her profile, we see vintage-style photos with black and white filters. Looking at the future, it’s clear that she wants these iconic photos to stay in our minds!

Dwayne Johnson Instagram followers

Dwayne Johnson

No, not Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It is impossible not to admire the star, who co-hosts cinema acting and professional wrestlers. Johnson, who is 6-foot-10, has enjoyed great success in his wrestling career. After 2002, Hollywood slowly left the wrestling world to focus on his career. Johnson, who we all know for films such as “Beyond the Matte,” “The Mummy Returns,” “The Scorpion King,” and “Fast and Furious,” now has 384 million followers on Instagram. 

So how does the Instagram community know Dwayne? One word on Instagram can sum up this successful star: Gym. The perfect result of long studies and extra attention is an excellent body. You can find plenty of workout routines shared with fans on the profile of the famous actor. And this guy has a personality as hard as his muscles? Of course not. In the selfie videos he shared, you can see that Dwayne Johnson has a soft heart as Milka under his hard and strong muscles.

Selena Gomez Instagram followers

Selena Gomez 

Our Alex Russo, our Latin beauty! Let’s face it, most of us know her with Wizards of Waverly Place. The rest of us got to know her by witnessing her turbulent relationship with the famous pop star Justin Bieber. There’s a group of fans called “Selenators,” and she could even die for this group. In 2009, at the age of just 17, she was named by UNICEF as the youngest good-ever ambassador in history. Wow, what a title!

Selena Gomez is a rare member of Instagram’s most followers.                          

Today, 422 million eyes are watching her every day. It’s safe to say that she suddenly took away the Instagram crown that Taylor Swift once carried!

The most important reason Selena Gomez is so loved on social media is that she has control of her social media accounts. Yes, she runs her accounts. She does not work with any company, nor has she been an advisor. Her honesty is evident enough from the attitude of choice in the digital environment, which has become a philosophy of life. She reads all your comments and messages, which is surprising but real when you think about it.

Kylie Jenner Instagram followers

Kylie Jenner

Forbes. A big cosmetics line. Curvy body. Fillers. Stormi. Yes, we’re in Kylie Jenner’s world.

We’re talking about the youngest billionaire in history. With a fortune of $900 million, she’s on the 27th list of “America’s Richest Women.” It’s a regular entry. She continues to fold this incredible figure with Kylie Cosmetics, whom she raised like her baby.

In 2014, she began to draw her eyes from all walks of life with his blue-haired image. Regardless of her family’s reputation, Kylie Jenner, who has succeeded in bringing attention with her style and attitude, now shares her life with a mass of 394 million.

Don’t be surprised if your eyes open up when you go to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram profile. You’ll see many cross-sections from the amazing luxury life. Mansions, pools, private jets, thousands of dollars of dresses, cars like babies… If you want to escape your daily life a little bit and ruin your routine for a moment and see the existence of a different world, the door to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram profile is always open to you.

Kim Kardashian Instagram followers

Kim Kardashian

Until 2007, she posed for the cameras as Paris Hilton’s party companion. We all know that “the video” has brought a voice all over the world. Kim Kardashian is among the most recognizable women on the planet with her years-long Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show. Everyone’s talking about her. Many women who want to look like twins are waiting in line at the door of their plastic surgeons. 

Kim Kardashian has four children with her husband, Kanye West. She lives a perfect life and is not afraid to share it with her 360 million followers. Her bold poses are no longer a surprise to anyone. She shows the beauty of her face and body to her fans with every ounce. You can also see a lot of her loving poses with her family on Kim Kardashian’s profile. That’s what it’s like to be a celebrity.

Leo Messi Instagram followers

Lionel Messi

Next up is Lionel Messi, the captain of the Barcelona FD and the Argentinian national football team. Messi is so famous in the world that even 3-year-old boys now play by talking about him. Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball Award by being named the best player in the 2014 FIFA Worl Cup. He has 472 million Instagram followers. 

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Messi’s a family man. He indeed fascinates the audience with his football every year, but his family life is heartwarming. When you visit his Instagram profile, you will enjoy taking a look at Messi’s soccer shots and sweet family photos.

Beyonce Instagram followers


Who runs the world? Her. 

We don’t think anyone’s going to object if we say Beyoncé’s the queen of the music industry. Her voice is so strong and beautiful that everyone wants to listen to Beyoncé live at some point in her life. With her performances in concerts and concussion dance performances, she gives heaven to those who are there. Have you had the most boring day in the world? Listen to Beyoncé right now. No one can resist her energy.

Don’t expect an Instagram without Beyoncé because there can’t be a world without Beyoncé. The audience of 312 million never regrets following Beyoncé.

Social media is not an essential part of Beyoncé’s life, which takes millions of likes as much as her Instagram voice. She collects millions of likes with her naturalness and modesty as much as her voice.

Neymar Instagram followers


Let’s talk about the Brazilian national team and Barcelona’s indispensable striker. Neymar Jr, who won the youngest player award in Brazil in 2009, did not leave the summit and was named South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and 2012. A success we can’t deny. Neymar Jr, who has become an idol of Brazilians, is followed by 209 million followers on Instagram today. This is an undeniable success.

When you look at the photos Neymar shared by taking cross-sections from football matches, you’ll be eager to watch at least a few of his goals. Neymar is also known for his commitment to his friends. The photo with the “Bros” has the kind of smile you’re going to smile at.

Justin Bieber Instagram followers

Justin Bieber

We’re at the end of the list. We’re sure there’s been a time in everyone’s life listening to Baby. It’s like we hear the screams of the fans we can call obsessive. Justin Bieber has always topped billboards with his songs and never fell off the agenda with his hair and relationships. Justin’s comfort has affected us all with his cute dances, his world-famous wife, Hailey Bieber, and hotel slippers that we’ve seen on his feet for a long time. Justin Bieber ranks last on the list of the most followed celebrities in the world, with 292 million followers.

When we visit Justin’s profile, the first thing that catches our eyes is the photos of his beloved wife. His love for her is truly dazzling. He’s not afraid to share videos and messages from his fans. Justin Bieber is indeed a humble star. We’re not surprised he has so many followers!

If you want to learn more about Instagram news, you may like how to find celebrities on Instagram. You can also buy Instagram followers to grow your account like a celebrity!


Today we’ve listed people with most Instagram followers and how many followers celebrities have in 2023. As everything can change in life, of course, that ranking can change. Next year, very different names may be added to the list, or names we don’t expect can be on the list. Who will sit on the throne of the king or queen? 

Frequently Asked Questions About

One of the biggest reasons is that that celebrity does not manage the account. Surprising but real. Consultants run many celebrity’s social media accounts. They don’t decide which photo they’re going to share and when.

Yes! According to a study, Ellen DeGeneres was identified as the celebrity with the most fake followers. The comedian, who peaked at 49%, follows world stars such as Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande. Of course, it’s not like almost half of these followers are fake. Most Instagram followers don’t open their Instagram accounts by their names.

For the digital media to call you a celebrity, you need at least 30k followers, according to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Of course, you can! You can successfully become an influencer and gain millions of followers.

You must have a decent number of followers to get a blue tick from Instagram.

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