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How Many Fans to Get a Crown on TikTok?

As you know, there are approved accounts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It is very important to have an approved account on such social media platforms, especially if you are a celebrity or have a purpose like being a celebrity. One of the popular video-sharing platforms, TikTok, has the approved account feature like other popular social media platforms. In the past, with this feature on TikTok, you can see a crown on approved accounts. But with the new update, you cannot see the crown. On TikTok, an account that can attract lots of people can have a verified account. So let’s find out how many fans you need to get a crown on TikTok now.

What Does the Crown Mean on TikTok?

In TikTok, formerly known as Musically, the crown meant that the account was approved. However, it is impossible to see the Crown sign anymore because TikTok has made some changes to the crown icon. 

In the past, the crown icon was considered a sign of approved accounts. This symbol, which used to be a crown, has become the Instagram verification mark, and the same thing goes for also Twitter and Facebook. If you get verified on TikTok, it means that you use this platform effectively. Also, it can mean that you are a celebrity. Because TikTok gives the icon to those, who use the app effectively and are popular.

How to Get Verified in TikTok

How Can I Get Verified in TikTok?

As with all other applications, there are some conditions for obtaining a verified account on the TikTok application. First of all, you should know that getting a certified account mark on TikTok is not as easy as on other social media accounts. 

  • First, you have to be a famous person for real. 
  • Then you will need to get the Popular Creator badge. 
  • You must have a large audience in TikTok to get the Popular Creator mark first. 

After all, if you are not a popular person on TikTok, they will think that it makes no sense to approve an account that appeals to a few. There must be something that sets you apart from other users. If you get famous on TikTok, you can apply for a verified account checkmark. You should keep in mind that people who are already famous, regardless of the TikTok application, will receive the verification mark immediately, even if they do not share much on TikTok. TikTok requests some information from you to confirm your account. 

If you think your TikTok account should have already received a verified tick, and if it still hasn’t, you can contact TikTok through the feedback section and send them an e-mail about this issue. Also, we would like to point out that it is much easier for users who have an approved account on different social platforms to get an approved account icon on TikTok.

Get Popular Creator Badge on TikTok

How Can I Get Popular Creator Badge on TikTok?

Here is a list of what you need to get a Popular Creator Badge on TikTok:

Follow TikTok Video Trends

Follow TikTok video trends before shooting a video for sharing it on TikTok, be sure to watch what kind of videos are on-trend. Check out the popular video topics and popular music, which will bring you more viewers and, therefore, more followers. Thus, TikTok will show you more in the recommended videos section.

Use the TikTok Application Actively

If you are not a world-famous person and want to have an approved account on TikTok, the most important thing you should do is use TikTok actively. If you are not an active TikTok user, you cannot get the Popular Creator badge. Sharing at least one video per day on TikTok will make you more famous on TikTok. Thus this will increase your chances of getting the Popular Creator badge.

Interact With Your Followers and Other People

Read and respond to comments on your content. Considering the comments and criticisms your followers have written under your videos will show that you care about them. So you will be able to gain more followers if you have more interactions with them. Remember, people always want to feel that they are important. It is also important for you to interact with other TikTok users. Start following different accounts and comment on their content. Over time, you will see that you have gained more followers and received more comments from them.

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Share Your TikTok Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Suppose you are using other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. In that case, it will be very useful for you to share your TikTok account on these social media accounts. This will allow your followers on these platforms to follow you on TikTok. And so, your followers will increase much more quickly. There are also some third-party applications like a TikTok fan generator and verification code generator. Still, TikTok doesn’t approve the use of those applications, and using them can even get you banned. So never consult the unapproved ways to earn a verified badge.

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To Conclude Getting a Crown on TikTok

In this article, we have given you information about account verifications at TikTok. You used to get a crown on TikTok in the past. However, now accounts can be approved in two ways, by getting the Popular Creator badge or Approved Account badge. To get the Popular Creator badge, you need to follow the steps we mentioned above and become a good content producer at TikTok.

In contrast, getting a Verified Account badge is difficult because you need to be a world-famous person or a company. Only if you have a very good reputation in TikTok you can own a badge. There are also factors other than the number of views of your content and the number of fans you have. Do not forget that, like all other social media platforms, you can get badges according to how active you are using the TikTok and how much quality content you produce.

If you want to have more information about TikTok, please read our latest articles about it. You may also like our article about how to get famous on TikTok.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

The “Verified Account” sign on TikTok is often used by famous users, brands, and organizations. But you can see the “Popular creator” sign on any famous user on the platform.

If you are a business or a very well-known brand, you can apply to TikTok by e-mail with documents proving this. TikTok gives businesses a certified account checkmark quickly.

If you do not have fame except TikTok, and if you are not a world-famous actress or singer, it is impossible.

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