How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? (2020)

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be? (2020)

Today, we want to share with you the “How long can Instagram videos be?” subject. If you are a video producer, our article is just for you.

As you all know, on Instagram, for now, the normal main page video-sharing length is 60 seconds. So, if you want to share a video on Instagram, you need to be careful about your video length.

If your video, which you want to put to your main feed is longer than 60 seconds, Instagram will take the wheel and automatically cut it from there.

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How Long Can IGTV Videos be?

Instagram TV videos must be between at least 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.

However, if you have a larger or verified Instagram account, you have another chance.

If your account is verified or a large page, you can upload videos to IGTV up to 60 minutes.

Therefore, this feature is very important for Instagram influencers and brand accounts.

Instagram Video 60 second

How Long Instagram Stories Can Be?

If you want to put a video on your Instagram Story, you should set your video for an Instagram Story in only 15 seconds long.

However, you can always cut the video in parts and share them on your Stories continually. That means, for a 60-seconds long video you’ll have to share four stories.

Soon this feature may change most likely but for now, the video length for an Instagram story is 15 seconds.

How Long Can Instagram Live-Stream Videos Be?

For now, the Instagram live-stream video length is 1 hour, this is enough in lots of situations. But soon this feature will also not be enough.

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Producers and filmmakers who want to shoot-publish longer videos may want a longer publishing feature from Instagram.

The future is always interesting and according to us, video length on Instagram will be changing in 2019 and 2020 years.

Instagram Video 60 second

Will There Be Videos up to an Hour in Length Soon?

Videos on Instagram are currently limited to 60 seconds in length. But that could change soon because the network apparently wants to allow videos of up to an hour in length on its platform.

Instagram apparently wants to attack the video market. According to information from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook-owned platform plans to allow long-form videos on Instagram as well.

Instead of a maximum of 60-seconds video duration in the feed and 15-second clips in the stories, users could soon upload up to 60-minute videos.

Exact details of the new feature do not exist yet. However, Instagram is already in talks with publishers and other content producers.

It would be conceivable, however, that the long format videos find their place within the stories, so you should start calculating your individual marketing budget now.

When such a feature will be unlocked is not yet clear. For Instagram, however, the move to long-form video is near, allowing longer videos to show more ads.

Instagram had only been able to enjoy moving-image content of up to 60 minutes in the live stream. However, they are automatically deleted after the live broadcast.


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