Another Instagram Famous – Skateboarding

Skateboarding – Dancing on that razor-sharp line of working within a convention and not relying on rote formulae! Literally, and figuratively, one to watch!  It must be very difficult indeed.

Instagram & Skateboarding – A place where skateboarding meets the wider aesthetic movement which shapes our collective sense of taste with a brief glance pushing the visual envelope towards! A World of Skateboarding at Instagram – What A World!

As skating has been defined as the lens through which skateboarders discovered the world, skateboarding is a physical activity and it is not really a dichotomy when you just accept that the physical and the cultural sides of skateboarding have always been fused. Without a doubt, the world of skating feels like a very big club.

It is becoming abundantly clear that the new generation is attracting plenty of attention on and off the skate ramps—and all over social media. With their stealth moves, gravitas, and, yes, inimitable sense of style, these talented are proving they’re the next wave in skateboarding.

From originators to innovators, the skateboarders who shape the game and continue to light up our world with their unique takes on the genre that created skateboarding legend!

Why do we watch skateboarding videos when we don’t skate? Why does skateboard media exist? Because not only is it the most radical activity, it is also the most compelling culture where you’re going to meet the best and worst and most diverse group of people you’ll ever encounter. The media reflects and drives that.

And part of the fun for all is trying to come up with something to say that is spontaneous and hopefully succinct and entertaining.

Funny Bunch Photographers and Prima Donnas Unfortunately Uncommon!  – It is the humility, one of the least celebrated but important qualities of being a photographer. Surely and Purely a Self – Made and Entirely Self – Taught thing that is!

What truly it takes – From a professional perspective, the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer – An Expansive and razor-sharp; Yet best appreciated as large as possible to marvel at just how managed to create scale within a flat image. A scion of the stills game in a crucible of contemporary culture where second place is nowhere.

The original professional independent photographers of the modern skateboarding era certainly do have flirtations with greatness. In every sense of the word, the black and white contrasts which become a hallmark of Bon Appétit turns into an avalanche of superbly framed and inventively composed photography which straddles the worlds of action photography, fine art, and social comment.

Instagram truly and fully is changing everything!

Another Instagram Famous – Skateboarding
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