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How Does Pinterest Make Money

When you look up any image on a search engine like Google Images, generally, some of the images are from Pinterest. The Pinterest community is huge, and it is heaven for a graphic designer. If an artist needs inspiration, the artist’s primal source is there. People are free to share their creativity and dreams here. You can find yourself on the website while singing the song, “tomorrow will take us away, far from home.” You know the ending. The bards’ songs will remain. There is any Bard’s song on Pinterest, but the artists’ inspirations will be remaining there. Since Pinterest’s website has never been down, we can say till forever. You can visit the website till the apocalypse. When you are looking at the pics there, maybe suddenly asking yourself, how does Pinterest make money?

People create boards on the website. As a business, they need a revenue stream, but how? How can they afford the server costs? The hosting costs should be enormous. An average Pinterest user is pretty expensive by the logic of IT. What is the business model of it? You will hear out the answers here, on this very website. Let’s start.

Basics of Pinterest

Basics of Pinterest

All we know, Pinterest is a social media platform based on the sharing of graphic content. It has more than 63 million active pinners, and more than 300 million users visit there daily. Rather than Instagram, Pinterest is used for sharing graphic content. Most artists use there to present their portfolio to arrange their finance. These are the knowledge that is commonly known by the people. But is there more knowledge that we might be didn’t know? 

Main Business Model of Pinterest

Main Business Model of Pinterest

Businesses are found to earn money, all we know. This is the first sentence of BUSINESS101 in any college or university. Pinterest is a social network that uses affiliate marketing methods broadly. The main logic is as the following lines. The Pinterest accounts that want to promote their product or service they want to be achieved by more people. 

They create promoted pins by setting a target audience, just like the other pins but with payment and affiliate links. After a while, the user base calls promoted pins. These promoted pins make more than $700 million in revenue to Pinterest. As we can see, Pinterest’s business plan is based on affiliate marketing. And it is profitable.

Conclusion: How Does Pinterest Make Money? 

Day by day, the internet is becoming more and more profitable. In other words, it is the land of opportunities. Most social networks could be beneficial to marketplaces or catalogs. A good strategy can make anyone a rich person. 

There is nothing delightful than making money by using your creativity and imagination. An adage says, “if you do a job that you love, you never work in your life.” Not working here is means a stressful cycle of effort. Artists are lucky people to impress their dreams, thoughts. As an output, they earn money. 

So, you can use Pinterest as a tool for affiliate marketing. The steps you need to apply are the following. Create a Pinterest account in a theme. Show your talents, take photos, create arts like 8bit drawings, remake game characters like Max Payne. 

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Gather a niche user base with your products. Contact with the big companies that use affiliate marketing like Amazon or eBay. Promote some of your posts with an affiliate link. That’s it. You will be making money on Pinterest. Back to the main topic of the article, Pinterest is making money as you do here. As you promote pins, making contacts, Pinterest is the platform for it. Remember the classic example of Golden Rush. Intermediaries earn more than the parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Well, the main logic behind affiliate marketing is the same in all social media networks. You need to take the attention of an audition. Posting frequently. In the Pinterest case, you should be able to take good photos or create good graphic content. After a while, your posts will get more pins. You can use affiliate marketing to make money.

They are pretty similar. You can add links to both of them, but a promoted pin will achieve a target user base. The regular pins have no target users. You achieve regular ones via queries or search engines. The logic of promoted ones is different.

Of course, you can. The only thing you gotta do is following the affiliate marketing steps of Amazon. You probably need to access the support of Amazon. There could be details you need to know.

No. You are free to promote the thing whatever you want. Suppose that you are looking for a design job. There is no better place than Pinterest. So, you can promote your design jobs or even your resume or CV.

In that case, your post will be deleted, and probably your account will be suspended. Royalties are Pinterest’s major concerns. The website was created to provide a secure marketplace for artists. They show no mercy to those issues. So, be careful about what you post. It is not only for promotion.

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  1. Shane Fox
    Shane Fox

    I didn’t know Pinterest made money that way. This was an interesting read.