How do I see who viewed my Instagram videos? 2019

How do I see who viewed my Instagram videos? 2019

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The Instagram app continues to evolve and adds new features to Its users. So, the ability to share video content has greatly expanded the range of users. For each account owner, the number of video views and the audience is important.  Therefore, the relevance of the question of how to find out who viewed my videos in Instagram, does not lose its position. The best thing for Instagram users is that its creators listened to numerous requests and created such an option. Now every account owner can see who viewed his video.

Who viewed the video on Instagram

who viewed my instagram videos

The question of who viewed the video on Instagram does not lose its relevance among users. However, it is worth noting that in the public domain, there are many applications and programs that allegedly help to find out. This is not really the case and these applications do not perform the mentioned process.

It is recommended that account holders do not use this type of application. Otherwise, your account and personal information may be stolen. The only purpose of apps that claim to be able to display video views is not to make money, but to steal account information from a subject that interest’s users.

How do I see who viewed my Instagram videos?

The only legal way to track who viewed a video on Instagram is to use a new tool in the app.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Find the video you want to view.
  • Right below the video, click on the view count.
  • Before you opened the list of those who watched this video.

This option is available in Instagram version 7.17.1 and above for all platforms. If this option is not available to you, check for updates in Google Play (for Android) or in Apple Market (for iPhone) and install them.

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How do I see who viewed my Instagram videos? 2019
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