How to find High Engagements Rate from Followers

How to find High Engagements Rate from Followers

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If you are committed to building an engaged Instagram followers you must post on a regular basis. Once a day is a must, but more than that is always better. If you post more regularly you will be able to engage more people and get new followers.

Once you select your target group, make a research  in order to find out when the majority of your followers are online and most active. That is the best time to make your post if you want to make sure they will see it. It is good to create your posting schedule by identifying some peaks during the day so you always try to post at the same time.

This way your followers will know that they can expect new posts from you at some times of the day. You can go further with this, and you can make time specific quotes or images that will hit the target at the right moment and you will give your followers exactly what they need.

Communication and regular interaction with your followers are very important for many reasons. Responding to their comments they feel like you really care and you inspire them even more to comment your posts. As a result, you will get even more people to come and interact. Your account will get personality behind it, and they will have that friendly feeling about you. You make a bond like you would make in face to face communication.

We all know hashtag rule the Instagram. You do not have to be a big company to have your own hashtag. You can always create your own hashtag for your brand. This gives you the opportunity to monitor how people use this hashtag and to improve or change something if you need to.

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Connection Between High Engagements Rate and Followers

You can explore on Instagram and see which hashtags are growing and trending fastest. You can create a custom post and make a money on these trending tags. This can make a huge impact on creating new followers to your account.

If you have the right mix of photos and videos on your account, it will be much more interesting to your followers. Videos inspire more engagement than other content, but you have to be very careful when you post one.

You have to have on your mind that your video can be only 3 to 15 seconds long, so you have to make sure you try to create the most effective one, with the right message, but also an interesting one.

It is very important to be able to have fun with your followers and to post things that are entertaining too. Also, makes sure photos and videos have a personal approach . You can make serious things look interesting and fun. Your followers will like that, and possibilities are endless.

Include your followers even more by making a contest. This is very popular on Instagram. This is a powerful thing of promotion because it is usually done by instructing your followers to post something and tag you in. This makes a chain reaction of people following you. Also, this is a good way to engage your followers and you can always make an interesting winning price, so it will be even more interesting.

Show photos of people with your product or of those who submitted their reviews of your business. This way you show your appreciation to your followers, and it will encourage people to stay active with you.

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How to find High Engagements Rate from Followers
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