How Can I Hide Twitter Profile From Search?

How Can I Hide Twitter Profile From Search?

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Your Twitter profile also index by search console and this makes your profile something reachable bu you can stop this with some quick settings.

Twitter is a well-known social media platform today. Although it wasn’t popular at its first times, it has got popularity in time and today almost all world use Twitter.

Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps. People use Twitter on their mobile devices as well as on desktop computers.

There have been many improvements and updates on Twitter and they are still being made so that users can use Twitter more effectively. A Twitter retweet is one of the most used features. Users can retweet a tweet if they like it.

When they retweet it, their followers can see it and they can retweet it as well. In this way, a tweet can spread and reach thousands of users so fast on Twitter. That is why users want their tweets to be retweeted in order to reach more people and they even buy Twitter retweets from third-party services.

Although many users want their tweets to get fav and become popular, some users may prefer to hide and they only want to get interact with the ones they prefer. In this case, they don’t want their profiles visible in search. Now we will explain how to hide your Twitter profile from search.

Hide Your Twitter Profile From Search Step by Step

First, log into your Twitter profile, go to settings and privacy. Then, find privacy and security. There you will find two options: “Allow other users to find your profile with your e-mail address.” And “allow other users to find your profile with your phone number”. Uncheck the boxes near those options and save changes. Users will not be able to find your profile with your e-mail address or phone number.

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Be Visible In Search

If you want your profile to be visible in search, you can check the boxes near the related options and save changes.

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