Hide Stories From Unwanted Users on Instagram

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Instagram is taking attention very much with its Stories in recent times. As it is so popular, there is increasing number of users who use Stories. Some of the users have huge amount of followers. So, when they share a story it is viewed by thousands of people. Of course everybody wants to have many followers and want their stories to be seen by a lot of people. But it is easy for those who haven’t much followers as they can buy Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of Stories. Sometimes surprising things may happen and that makes people sad or angry as everybody can see stories. So, there is an option for the user who has uploaded story. Only those who have permission will be able to see the story.

How to Hide Stories From Unwanted Users?

So the question is how to make stories that uploaded available only for those who have permission to see? In fact, this option is included in basic settings of Instagram. You need to open your profile and then tap three points icon at the top of the screen to use the option. You will see Story settings under Account title. “Hide story” option is at the top of the category. There is a number below. If you haven’t ignored someone before it is written 0 here. When you tap on the number, you will see a list of the users who follow you. You can select those who want from the list. Then, you can save your options by tapping on approve icon which is at the right top of the screen.

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Disallowed Users to See Stories Can See Profile

It is necessary to say that, this option won’t prevent people from seeing your profile. In other words, disallowed people can continue to see your profile and like photos. They will disallowed to see only your stories. Although they can see other stories of users they follow on their account, they won’t see your story. So, if you want allowed users to see not only your stories, but also your other posts, photos and videos you need to make your account private.

It seems that this option will be popular around those who don’t want to argue with some of their friends or family members. It is a well known fact that Instagram is so popular especially around teenagers. Because they find it simple to use and also their parents don’t use it much. There may be less arguments or unwanted situations with this option.

Instagram is getting useful and more practical with its new features and options day by day. Stories have been so popular and it seems Instagram takes much importance on it. Because, new improvements are being included in Stories. So, what will be next? What kind of new features and stories will be added? Will users like new improvements? We will see together. You can leave your comment and write your opinions about this option and if you find it useful or not.

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Hide Stories From Unwanted Users on Instagram
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