Hashtags and their Effect to your Account

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Instagram works logic based on hashtags just like Twitter you can search for hashtag and find it that is it, but it’s very important for us.

Instagram has updates the app and let users follow hashtags with this updates hashtags been even more important.

Hashtag is your biggest assistang when posting a content to Instagram, if you use them wisely you will get new followers, comments, and also likes.

For instance if you are about to post a photo of cat you can search on the web that the most desirable and used hashtag list and use the best ones.

When another users post a content with the hashtag you have used your posts will be a gallery in the name of that hashtag and everyone will be able to see it this means new likes, comments and followers for you.

One of the most important information about hashtag using you should never use all hashtag in the description, use 3 of them in the description and others will be great in the comments.

Also Instagram let you use 30 hashtags but we recommend you use 25 to 27 will be better because 30 will be count as spam.


Following hashtag is new option and it is a perfect way to get engagements you can search some hashtag in Instagram and follow them if you like it.

The trick about following hashtag if you could be in the best 9 photos that means you post will shown all foolowers of that hashtag.

Hashtag is a great search items they founded quickly because of they do not have been in the links it is easier than to search anything.

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There is another golden recommendation about hashtag you should have your own hashtagand use it regularly this will buff your post easily.

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Hashtags and their Effect to your Account
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