Hashtag Marketing : How to Use

Hashtag Marketing : How to Use

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Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag marketing is the name of using hashtags to promote and succeed in your social media marketing endeavors. Hashtags represent a very important element of digital marketing.   This symbol(#) is a key signifier of user engagement and a crucial part of all efficient social media efforts.

But hashtags aren’t always too easy. Especially for content marketers, it can get confusing at times. Everybody knows that you need to use hashtags in order to gain success, but not everyone knows how to. What is the right strategy to incorporate hashtags into our campaigns so that it’d get the best results? In this article, we will talk about hashtag marketing and how to gain leverage using hashtags in general.

1)Arrange Your Brand’s Message

Hashtags started as being a way to arrange topics of conversation. So that people who desired could search the said topics using hashtags and they could find it. Nowadays they’re still ideal for arranging content. Be it a way to apply to your business conference or offering a special brand of a product, you can use hashtags and hashtag marketing in order to further describe your purpose or your product.

For example, let’s say you have a men’s beauty product(believe it or not, that business is booming nowadays), if you only hashtag your brand name and #men #beauty, it may not be enough. You should add things like #mensskin #betterskinformen #menfashion #aftershave #dryskin and more. Get creative with it. Because people will search those hashtags and if anyone from your target audience can find your content easier, it results in a sale or at least a rise in recognition of your brand.

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You can also add information on your product using hashtags. Details, answer to potential questions before they even ask. Hashtags are very effective to get your message across.

2)Initiate Topic Trends

Most of the hashtags you use won’t be original and yours. They existed before you, they’ll exist with you and they may exist after you. Until you get plenty of recognition to stand on your feet on social media, the main goal of hashtags is to showcase your brand.

But what happens after that? Again, that’s when the creativity starts. After you have an audience, you can start a topic trend yourself with a unique hashtag of yours. This will make your audience experience with you, which will make your audience get closer to you, which will result in more sales and more loyal customers. This is hashtag marketing, but is it all about the cash? It can be much more if you make it.

If coming up with a totally unique hashtag is a hassle, you can always find a pop culture reference and adjust that to your brand. For example, Game of Thrones is going to air its last season soon. Whatever your product is, you can just make a hashtag like #ProductisComing as in their slogan “winter is coming”. Then add a picture of the Night King, and you’re set.

This approach is great because it makes your brand’s image seem much more down to earth and connected to people, not just a sell-out machine.

3)Broaden Your Reach

Hashtags can definitely extend the reach of your social posts and your brand. Hashtags are pretty much search marketing keywords in hashtag marketing. The difference between keywords in paid ad campaigns and hashtags is that; paid ad campaign keywords are usually very specific, less common, almost ingenuine seeming words. On the other hand, hashtags are common, they’re not too specific, they’re genuine sounding words that are popular.

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If you use tags people use frequently, you greatly increase the odds of your posts coming up and being seen. Your posts will be appearing in more hashtag searches, it will reach more eyes. It will broaden your reach.

You can look into popular hashtags, search them and see how people react to it. Then think about your product, your specialty, what kind of people would tap on that hashtag and would they like your product? Again, get creative. Think two steps ahead. Using common hashtags can increase your reach and pull numbers greatly.

4)Don’t Overdo it & Be Wise

Using too many hashtags in a post may seem like a good idea, but just take a look at some posts with to many hashtags. It makes the post look like spam.

Hashtag Marketing

Look at this graph for example. If you promote too much, post too much irrelevant info you lose followers. The opposite is also possible, but people usually do not like too much promotion on Instagram. They’re okay with it, and they can go with it; as long as it’s not in their faces all the time.

With hashtags, you’re usually alright with one to three per post. Your viewers, your followers, they’re your dedicated readers. They’re your people. If you bombard them #just #like #this #all #the #time, they won’t stick around. Always use them moderately. Temperance, balance. Using too many hashtags can get more likes and make you be more visible sure, but do you really think they’ll be your loyal followers or customers? Focus on quality over quantity.


If you want to be successful on social media, you need to know hashtag marketing. It’s going to help you to be seen, it’ll extend your reach, it’ll make your community stronger, it’ll help you to start a new trend, it will give you a way to show your creativity. With hashtags, you can put your brand’s efforts in a single word. But as we said, always focus on quality over quantity. Always. For this social media marketing method, being relevant is essential.

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With that, we came to the end of our article. This is an interesting concept, there may be another article on this subject. We hope you enjoyed, we hope there’s someone reading, to be honest. If you do and liked this, leave a comment or a like. We, -no not we-, I like to connect with readers as a writer. Thank you for reading. Check us out, by the way.

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Hashtag Marketing : How to Use
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