Halloween Themes and Instagram Superzoom

Instagram Superzoom na Halloween Themes
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Having many features such as rewind, boomerang and face filters, Instagram has now superzoom and filters of Halloween. Including new features day by day, Instagram provides us to create enjoyable videos with superzoom feature. One object or person can be zoomed with a background music like we see in films so that more creative videos can be posted.

How to Use Instagram Superzoom?

It is simple to use superzoom just as it is simple to use all other Instagram features. Superzoom icon is located near Boomerang, under Camera tab. When save button is tapped, selected object or person can be zoomed step by step with a background music.

Share Your Videos With Your Friends

You can also create superzoom videos that last 3 seconds with holding or tapping save button twice. Superzoom can be used with both front and rear cameras. You can share your videos with your friends via Instagram Direct. It seems we may see more interesting and movie-like videos on Instagram. If you haven’t tried superzoom, it is time to have a try and enjoy.

Halloween themes for face filters

Finally, good news for those who want to seem “horrible” in this Halloween as it is possible to be a bat, zombie or vampire with new Halloween themes and stickers of Instagram. We think these stickers and themes will be so popular nowadays and you can see many people who look like zombies, vampires and bats on Instagram. They are available on both ios and Android versions.

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