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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is a social media app that helps users interact with others, captivate their daily activities and upload them as a sequence of images or videos. Additionally, Snapchat is one of the most used social platforms in the world. It cumulates 249 million active users worldwide. For this reason, Snapchat is a convenient tool in marketing to grow your brand or business. As compared to other social platforms, Snapchat highlights candid moments that connect users with people behind your brand.

How to Get Started

As for every app, before signing in, you need a purpose to target an audience. In this case, it is for marketing that is increasing sales and optimization for your business. This article will outline the steps to marketing using Snapchat.
Download the Snapchat App: The Snapchat app is available on IOS (App store ) and Android (play store) devices. Make sure to download the latest version to benefit from all the new features of Snapchat.

Create Your Snapchat Account

Enter your pieces of information like first name and last name, date of birth, and then pick a username. Also, your username cannot be changed, so wisely choose your username. Moreover, add your personalized password for security purposes.

add a profile picture

Add a Profile Picture

You can add a picture directly in the app using the camera, or you can add an avatar picture from Bitmoji. Bitmoji is an avatar-creating App partnership with Snapchat, creating user’s representations in the form of avatars. However, for marketing, Bitmojis cannot be used since they are general representations of individuals.

Switch Your Account to the Public

Tap on the Snapchat logo on the top, then choose the setting gear, scroll down and tap on “Who can see,” select “Everyone.”In general, Every new Snapchat account comes with a private mode, so you have to change that by Accepting everyone to see your story. By so doing, it enables your brand to reach a wider range of people hence favoring your business.

Add Friends

Snapchat is all about views and engagement. After setting your account to the public, you have to get viewers/audience that will be interested in what you offer. You can add friends by username, Snapcode, or location.
Make a snap: It is very easy to take snaps. Similar to your phone’s camera, Just take a picture or video on the Snapchat app.



After or before taking the snap, there are some features to be aware of.

  • Texts AND Emojis: Text and emojis can only be added after the snap (image or video). Text on Snapchat has a variety of fonts together with different colors.
    Filters: This is one of the well-known features of Snapchat. Filters could be before or after the snap taken. They usually beautify the user’s face. Also, some Geo-filters can be added after the snap was taken, indicating the location of an event.
  • Turn an image into a sticker: Once a snap has been taken, you can turn your picture into a snap tapping on the scissors icon on the right top of your screen, you outline the area of the snap (in this case, it is a picture ) you want to turn into a sticker. Then the sticker is saved automatically.
  • Upload your snap: You can upload the snap and share it with your friends. But in this case, you will upload on “My story ” to reach a wider audience without restriction. Every snap has a time duration of 24hours before disappearing.
    Promote your Snapcode on other social platforms: Adding friends using their usernames could be slow and tiring disfavouring marketing. For this reason, Share your generated snap code on your various social media and blogs. For example, share your generated snap code on Instagram or Facebook stories. By doing so, your friends could easily know the existence of your account, and they will eventually add you on Snapchat.
  • Send announcements: Send announcements using your generated Snapcode link to your email list. Request your friends or highly people to help you expose your profile.
  • Observe the insights and follow up with your audience: After all these marketing strategies to grow your brand using Snapchat, you will obviously notice an evolution in your business.


If you think the marketing strategies above are complicated and time-consuming, then here is another method that requires capital.

  • Use your computer or PC and open the website
  • On the left top, tap on Advert.
  • Tap on Create an Ad
  • Enter your personal information (log in or sign in if you don’t have an account )
  • Create your Ad with instant create
  • Select your Advertising goal ( Website visits, App installs, App visits)
  • If you want your audience to visit your website, insert your website and tick on “insert photos from my website to help with ad creation” for rapid campaign creation.
  • Design the Ad by adding the brand name, headline
  • Select your call to action and add your logo at the bottom
  • Finalize your budget and duration ( Snapchat charges 5$ per day)
  • Publish your Ad and wait for approval.

Conclusion on Snapchat Marketing

In short, the best thing about Snapchat is that there is not a special rule for content creation. Snapchat is an app that brings out creativity. For this reason, business owners have to be unique and produce whatever content they’d like .as well as remaining professional. In 2021 Snapchat is a must-have app for business owners. It can grow your business using capital or not. If Snapchat is not your thing, then check out these alternative apps to Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, compared to other apps, Snapchat has a high engagement rate hence favoring marketing.

Snapchat charges 5$ per day to promote your ad.

Yes, it is profitable, especially during lockdowns where people spend most of their time on their phones.

You can either drive them to your major communication platforms to discuss your service, or you can still communicate on Snapchat.

Yes, of course, advertise your business on Snapchat by asking your friends and relatives to share your brand username on their snaps and eventually grow your business.

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