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Google Display Ads Examples

Driving traffic to your products and website can be a hassle. Online advertising is there for you to show your content and products easily with some investment. Google Display Ads are one of the most influential and popular options in the market.

Google Display Ads uses Google’s insane popularity and online reach to make you advertise your content easily. According to Google, Google Display Network ads reach more than 90% of all internet users. This means if you work with Google, people will see your ads on popular sites such as YouTube, CNN, or Daily Mail. 

This article will help you get some tips on producing creative display ads and giving some generally great examples of Google Display Ads to explain the concept.

tips to create google display ads

Tips for Creating Google Display Ads

Ads should be creative and effective to attract more people to your products or services. The same goes for Google Display Ads, too! You should be able to get consumers’ attention to sell your product. This section will explain some of the essential tips that will levitate your business and advertisement game.

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Here are some tips to create good Google display ads:

  1. Pick the right color scheme.

    Details in your display ad matter. Be sure the colors in the ad reflect your brand identity.

  2. Use the shock factor.

    If your ad isn’t unique, people may not even notice it. So, customize it the best you can to attract more attention.

  3. Use comedy.

    People are always interested in humor when they are online. So, offer them some of it, and put a smile on their face. It’ll make your ad more interesting.

  4. Focus on Your Target Audience.

    Be sure to touch upon the subjects and the jargon that your target audience will be familiar with. It will make them think that your website knows how to do business.

  5. Create a landing page worth visiting.

    When people click on your ad, don’t make them disappointed. Your landing page should be consistent with your ad; interesting and shocking.

Let’s take a look at these tips in a more detailed way:

Color Scheme Picking

Details are essential while building image ads, and color choice is no exception. Color choice, with display ad sizes, is significantly crucial for your ads to be successful. You can use colors’ psychological associations while picking your ad’s colors. Colors have a psychological effect that triggers different feelings and actions. For example, orange is aggressive and acts as a call-to-action button. You can use it on ads for subscription selling.

Another example is yellow being optimistic and youthful. It’s primarily used to grab the attention of window shoppers. Blue has a sensation of trust and security. Therefore, it’s mainly used by banks and businesses. The list goes on, but you get the message. You can use different colors to trigger different feelings!

The other aspect of color palette picking is background text combination. The text should be visible and effective with the right color choice. Now that you learned about the tip, why don’t you give it a try?

Using the Shock Factor with Unexpected Images  

The internet is cluttering with junk ads. Therefore, it’s extremely tough to create ads that stand out and impress consumers. One great tip to impress people is to use brave and bold images that are eye-catching to make consumers have different feelings. An alternative name for this technique is “shockvertising,” and you can evoke strong emotions and thoughts among the viewers of your ad, which will make them remember.

Google Display Ads give you enough room for customizability to give whatever message you want to share. By having the thought of not offending anyone on your mind, you can use this display ad trick to impress viewers.

Using Comedy 

Humor works wonders when it comes to any advertisement. We can exemplify a fact that will help you understand the importance of humor in ad campaigns. The Journal of Marketing’s study published in 1993 suggests that the humorous images or texts that coincide with ad objectives make the consumers focus their attention on the ad, increase the ad’s memorability, and enhance its message persuasiveness. With all those positive outcomes, it would be illogical not to integrate humor into your ads.

Focusing on Your Target Demographic 

Display advertising gives you the ability to segment your audience based on their demographic information. You can use this as an advantage and build ads that will resonate with your target audience.

It would be best to create your Google Display Ads with a high quantity for different demographic information. There are many consumers with other interests and visual interpretations. Demographic information will help you design different ads to make all your target clients interested. Give it a try; analysis always helps!

Creating a Consistent Landing Page

Since the purpose of the ad is to bring your target audience to your landing page, it must be something worth looking at. Continue the same interesting message in your ad on the landing page. If you manage to keep the visitor’s interest, it would be the perfect advertising strategy.

Remember, a landing page is the actual call to action for your marketing strategy. Your landing page should be persuasive. We can say that the display ad actually continues here and tries to make a conversion.

great examples of google display ads

Great Examples of Google Display Ads

Now that you have some tips on designing an influential Google Display Ad let’s see some great examples of the action. These Google Ads have proved to be successful, and we will investigate the reasons behind their success.

Constant Contact’s Video Ad 

Constant Contact is an email and marketing site for small businesses. They are promoting their email marketing tool by using Google Display Ads. The ad flips through different images to show the benefits of their email marketing tools.

The main attraction of this example is that it’s pretty simple. The ad is blue, which gives the message of how secure and trustworthy their services are. The orange button stands out and calls the consumer a call to action, making this a successful, responsive display ad. When the consumer sees orange, the tempting “Try It Free” text makes the urge to click the ad even more intense. The site also showed similar ads as banner ads on the other parts of the web page. Repetition helps consumers to decide if they want to click on your ad or not, which means that it’s another essential quality that your Google Display Ads should have.  

SEMrush’s Colorful and Creative Image Ad 

SEMrush’s ad shows a great example of how you can create an excellent ad without expensive photoshoots or professional models. If you can use them creatively, even stock photos and simple icons with the right colors can help your ad succeed.

Using an hourglass and a chess piece inside it, SEMrush indicates competition. The chess piece inside hourglass shows how fast you can reach your competitors’ insights. They chose the color scheme in a way that will grab your attention. The chess piece screams and takes immediate attention with a red-pink high contrast color, getting the visitor’s attention. This static image ad is a job well done!

MailChimp’s Display Ad

Google Display ads are essential for digital marketing tools, too! This example is from another email marketing tool, MailChimp. MailChimp has a straightforward but powerful display ad, which does its job very well.

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Color yellow means optimistic. This ad’s bright color helps the visitor have a positive initial approach to the email marketing tool. They created the CTA button using a bright blue color which stands out on a yellow background. This way “Get Started” button becomes very interesting and tempting for clicks.

Apple TV’s Simplistic Display Ad

Apple loves simplicity. They show it in every event and product that they serve. This ad example is no different. Apple, in this ad, shows us that you may not need an ad full of text or compelling ad copy to grab the consumers’ attention. It’s much better to keep things simple. Plus, with their logo and brand awareness on almost every ad, they create incredibly effective ads.

The white background helps you focus on the gift cards on the Google Display Ad’s right side. “Learn More” is not that powerful, but the blue color helps it become more noticeable and a lot more interesting. Apple has variations of these “Gift Card” ads to show you how versatile the Apple Gift Cards can get, which is an excellent strategy if it’s repetitively demonstrated to the consumer using different variations. Lastly, the designer changed some of the letters with Apple products that you can use to “Rewind” and “Rewatch.” On a small Google Display Ad, Apple advertises its Gift Card and Apple TV simultaneously. The world’s most valuable company is good at marketing and doesn’t use cheap banner ads. How strange!

Rival IQ’s Social Media Reports Ad 

Rival IQ is a social media analytics tool. They are using a Google Display Ad to promote their free social media report tool.

The ad sends the viewer to a landing page. On this landing page, you can choose which social media network report you want to reach.

This ad works well because it uses a black CTA button on a background close to white, it promotes a free tool, and the ad copy is compelling as it says how it will separate you from your competitors. Rival IQ did a great job on creating a simple and effective Google Display Ad.

examples of google display ads

Conclusion on Google Display Ads Examples

Google Display Ads are the most critical pieces of advertisements on the World Wide Web. Google personalizes them for your needs and helps you find the thing you wanted to buy for a long time, a lot easier. If you’re an advertiser, then Google Display Ads will help you publish your new product or service to the suiting audience without ease. Google Display Ads are the current pioneer and the future of internet marketing. Give them a try. You won’t regret it!

If you are a beginner in Google Ads, check our related article that explains it in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Google Display Ads are arguably the most popular form of advertising you can currently do. It’s the most feasible advertising method as people searching on Google tell you what they are looking for, helping you create ads according to their needs.

Google Display Ads come with flexible pricing. There’s no minimum limit for your ad applications. No matter how low or high your budget is, you can publish your ads using Google Display Ads.

Google Display Ads work with the principle of displaying your ads when people search for similar products or services that you provide online. Google’s algorithm chooses the best potential customers for you and makes them see your ads.

If you have turned on your ad personalization for your Google account, Google will use your information to make your ads more relevant to you. This means that it will use your search and browser history and interests. If ad personalization is off, the ads will only appear according to the current site you’re visiting, and Google will not analyze your browser or search history.

If you focus on making more sales quickly on your campaign goals, Google Display Ads are the better option for you. Google has an extensive reach. They can give you the chance to show your ads to people from all over the world. 

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