Golden Globe On Instagram

Last Golden Globe On Instagram

Instagram is the most famous app in the world. Almost 800 people using it today. And day by day it is growing. Today we take a look inside of what happened last Golden Globe on Instagram. Who got the best photos for golden globe night and who would not. Let’s get inside.

Golden Globe vs Hollywood

As you know  Golden Globe award is the second most famous cinema and tv award in the world. Last week 75th Golden Globe awards given to winners. We going to search winners and others Instagram post and their ratings. Every cinema and tv award show takes too much rating on tv and of course on the internet.

Awards days usually most valuable days for social media users and social media workers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get millions or billions of click. We gonna investigate who posted on Instagram lets get the start.

1 – Drake and Millie Bobby

Millie just got the fame through Stranger Things tv show. She is a child star of tv and she is just 13 years old but she already took a seat next to Drake.

2- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is the most handsome guy in the singer’s world. He was with Scarlett Johansson for years and we used to see him with her. Now he is with Jessica Biel. Jessica Biel one of the most famous models and actress in the Hollywood world. They were the red carpet and they posted this photo on Golden Globe night.

3- Rita Wilson

I think this photo is very harm and funny at the same time. Cause Tom Hanks in it. As you know or remember, Tom Hanks took photos with some drunk guy in a pub and that photo was just hilarious. Now we saw him with Rita Wilson. Maybe you do not know Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are husband and wife since by 1988.

4- Emma Stone

Beautiful Emma Stone shared this photo on Golden Globe day.

5- Margot Robbie

She is the young and beautiful star of Hollywood. Margot Robbie that night stunning as always.



Golden Globe On Instagram
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