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Go Frame by Frame on YouTube: Here’s How!

Go Frame by Frame on YouTube: Here’s How!

If you want to go through all the frames on YouTube videos, get ready to explore YouTube’s unknown features! Today we will examine how you can get the chance to watch any video on YouTube frame by frame – it is quite easy. You can read in detail the different options we will offer you!

What Is Frame by Frame YouTube?

Frame by Frame YouTube is a minor feature that lets you watch a video frame by frame. You can watch all the frames of the videos you want. If you’re wondering how to do this, it’s a pretty easy feature. And if you also want to grow your YouTube account, buy YouTube subscribers to secure your easy beginning on the platform. We have listed a few ways for you to watch YouTube frame by frame.

How to Go Frame By Frame on YouTube

Now we will list all the possible ways to watch YouTube videos frame by frame easily.


Thanks to several useful features offered by YouTube Player, you can edit your video frame by frame. The steps you need to perform using this third-party application can be listed as follows:

YouTube frame by frame
  1. First, open and pause the video.
  2. You can then start frame-by-frame watching the video using the two different keyboard shortcuts we will present to you now. That is, you can click the “< “sign or”>” sign on your keyboard.
  3. You can skip a frame backward if you click on the first one. If you click the second one, moving the frame forward will be possible.
Watch Frame by Frame

Watch Frame by Frame

Another option would be to use the Watch Frame by Frame website. This website allows you to watch frame by frame video on YouTube.

frame by frame extension

Frame By Frame

Also, you can watch the videos you want frame by frame by adding the Frame by Frame extension, which is a Chrome extension. And easily learn how to skip frame by frame YouTube videos.


Let’s examine this method, which is compatible with Mac-branded computers with the IOS operating system. This tool is entirely free, so you can use it easily.

  1. In the tool, first, click on the “file” option. You will “create” a project, so go to the relevant category and then click on “new project.”
  2. Click “Import” to add the video to the system.
  3. You need to click “Edit” after “Play head” to make changes to the video via this tool while watching.
  4. In this way, you will activate a frame through the frame editing process.
  5. When you are done, you can click Export to share the video.

If you want to learn more about YouTube features, check what are tags on YouTube to deepen your knowledge. Also, you can check the YouTube Help center page for community posts on this matter to learn more.


It is possible to watch any video frame by frame on YouTube. Also, you can edit your video by watching it that way carefully. It is important to note that a video edited by all the frames will look extremely professional. Today we tried to help you with how to move frame by frame in YouTube. We hope that this article was helpful to you. Enjoy watching YouTube videos with going through all the frames!

Frequently Asked Questions

Offline editing is recommended to avoid being affected by various internet connection problems and benefit from more editing options.

Yes. You can use Filmora9 on both systems. Furthermore, you can start the trial process for free.

To capture the small details in the video, avoid time-lapse problems, and get more likes by uploading a perfect video!

To move back, use < on the keyboard. To move forward, use > on the keyboard.

If you record high-quality videos in the right area and edit them carefully, you can earn money through a high number of audiences.

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