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Username of an Inactive Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most populated social platforms in the world. It has more than a billion users. So getting a username that has not been taken before could be rather difficult. However, most people find the solution by adding characters to the username they want if it is taken. If you do not want to do that, let’s see how to get the username of an inactive Instagram account.

You are creating an account, and you have a perfect Instagram username idea. But when you enter the name, you see that it has been taken.

Your username can contain letters, numbers, and periods. You can add up to 30 characters. However, if you don’t want to add random characters and make the name look unprofessional, you wonder what you can do.

Many users that have the same problem want to contact Instagram about this issue. Especially when they see an inactive account takes the username they want. Now that is not fair, we know, but let’s look at how we can solve this problem.

There are several ways to get the username of an inactive Instagram account. Not directly, but it might be effective. 

Instagram Help Center

The first thing you can do is get the legitimate help of Instagram from the Instagram Help Center. To get an inactive Instagram account, fill out a form called ‘Report an Impersonation Account on Instagram.’ 

There are four different situations for you to choose from according to your problem. You can choose ‘Someone created an account pretending to be a friend or me.’ Then Instagram will ask you for your ID information. After you provide the information and click on ‘Send,’ Instagram will contact you in 24 hours.

Keep in mind that you are reporting an account by doing this. So the info you give Instagram should be 100% correct to justify yourself. 

Trademark or Copyright Username

Many Instagram users had their usernames by getting a trademark for their names. If you can get a trademark for your username, you can report using the same usernames with your copyright. 

If you create content and posts about the username of the inactive Instagram account, it can be closed by Instagram, and you will be able to get that username.

Purchase the Inactive Instagram Account

Purchase the Inactive Instagram Account

If you cannot get that username with the tactics above, you can try to purchase the inactive account. If the account is not used, the owner would be happy to sell it. However, getting into contact with an inactive user might be difficult. After all, they are ‘inactive.’ 

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Look at the Profile Information of the account, and you might see the e-mail address or the phone number of the owner. If they are not answering your DMs, try sending an e-mail stating that you want to buy their account. 

Waiting for Deactivation

Instagram tries to keep a clean platform. They try to get rid of accounts that are created by bots or fake accounts. If an account gets inactive for a long time, Instagram might deactivate it. However, the username does not get deactivated, but you can contact Instagram to apply for the username.


Although there is no direct way to claim username of someone’s inactive Instagram account, there are several ways to handle obtaining it. From Instagram Help Centre to purchasing usernames, you can request to get the name you want but it is not going to be easy. 

To learn more about Instagram, please read our articles about it. You might be interested in finding a nice username for yourself or removing an Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Go to your Profile page and tap on the three-lined button on the upper right. Then tap on ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘Account’ section. Look for the ‘Former Usernames,’ and you can find them there.

Instagram can delete or disable accounts for many reasons. They delete inactive, fake and bot accounts. In July 2019, Instagram changed its policy about disabling accounts and will notify you before deleting your account if your account is violating their terms and conditions.

Instagram determines if an account is inactive or not by checking the date of its creation and account activities such as liking, sharing, and commenting.

There are several reasons for Instagram to not recognize your username, such as typing your username wrong, getting your account blocked or deleted, etc.

Your Instagram URL is the combination of the Instagram website URL + your username. For example,

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