5 Ways to Get on The Instagram Explore Page

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Whether you want to be popular or you want to sell more products on the internet, it is impossible to ignore Instagram with one billion active users monthly. Also, many of these users seem ready to pour their monies on items and clothes since these users, statically, earn more money compared to other social networks.

Apart from having massive followers, a brand or user aim to be on the Explore Page to engage with more users on the network. More followers and likes mean that you gain more popularity or earn more money. So, it goes without saying that it is crucial to be on the Explore Page.

The primary use of the Explore Page is to help users find more accounts that they enjoy on the social network. It brings you popular accounts by showing their recent images to people who aren’t currently following them. Instagram tailor the Explore Page according to the user’s interest and likes. So, your content may meet with a larger audience and draw interest far more than you may think of.

How is that possible? There are five ways to consider how to land on the Explore Page.

Know your audience

First and foremost, for any social network, you need to know your audience and their expectations. If you are not popular in real life, it is important to be consistent in your grid. Let’s say that you share image and video of cats regularly. Do not post your regular meal on Instagram unless it is relevant to your overall grid.

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Relevancy is a key term in Instagram. If you prefer to share the cat’s image and videos and likes similar images and videos, your explore page will be filled with similar content. Similarly, your video and image on cats will end up other users’ explore page just like yours.

So, you need to be aware of your audience and meet their expectations.

Viral Content

On any social networks, it is vital to creating content that is likable, commendable, and sharable. That is to say, it is significant to create a content that can go viral. When you post an image or video on Instagram, it shows only a portion of your followers. Most experts believe that this portion is around 20 percent of your followers.

When the content attracts likes and comments, Instagram begins to show it, other followers. Consequently, as the likes and comments pile up, your content ends up in the Explore Page.

Keep in mind that your account draws most likes and comment in the few minutes or hours of your sharing. If your content fails to get attention, it is not likely that you will get attention in coming hours or days. Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content that draws high levels of attention within the first 15 minutes.

The Power of Hashtag

Instagram gained massive popularity on the back of hashtag. If you do not use hashtags, you miss many audiences, money, and also the essence of Instagram. Even just one hashtag in your image or video can increase the engagement by 12.6 percent.

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Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. You must be aware with popular hashtags like #love or #instafamous. Keep in mind that many social managers believe it is important to use less but creative hashtags.

There are websites, offering Instagram users with hashtag lists. You can use these websites or applications to copy and pasta these hashtags. Alternatively, you can work around with some hashtags to see what best works for you and your page.

Schedule Instagram Posts

When you share video or image means a lot. It is important to know when to engage with your audience to attract more attention and like. If you share an image that your audience will not be online, you will fail to get engagement you look for.

There are applications to provide you insights about your Instagram account. Or, if you turn your account into business, Instagram also provides you with insights on your account.

You can use Later, Hootsuite to schedule your image so that it gets the engagement you desire. Be careful in using such programs since Instagram may consider your account is not real and you may be blocked.


It is vital to creating a community around your personal page or brand on Instagram. The easiest way to realize this goal is to have communication with your audience. Leaving comments on other’s image, in turn, will attract other users to leave a comment on your content. The more comments you receive for your image or video, the more likely your image will land on the Explore Page.

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You can create content that may pose questions to followers or call them into action. Even, you can ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments to spread the impact of your post. Since Instagram’s algorithm favors the engagement, adding a call-to-action to get more comments can help your Instagram account.

2017 in 5 Easy Steps

Instagram one of the most valuable social media app in the world. It has almost a billion user and also fifty percent of their users using the app at least once a month. With these numbers, Instagram became to Internet phenomenon. So “getting on Instagram Explore page” comes from that point.


Being popular on Instagram is so important for worldwide companies and some influencers. If you want to be a brand of everyone on social media you should trail a professional path. In this path, you can buy real Instagram followers for boosting and of course, you must give ads on Instagram for your brands commercial.

When nearly one thousand of people followed your Instagram account, your next aim should be keeping them in your Instagram. Its significant for the social media account. Another important thing for social media and especially on Instagram is getting on Instagram explore page. This is not so easy for people who do not want to make so much effort for followers and likes.

How Can Get on The Instagram Explore Page In 5 Steps

  • Create Commentable and Likeable Contents
  • Set Your Posts Timing
  • Write Potential Interactional Texts
  • Add Brands, Users and Locations
  • Use Brands’s Instagram Hashtags

Create Commentable and Likeable Contents

Contents are most important things on Instagram when just one content of you gets on Instagram explore page your Instagram account will be boosted. If you want to create a viral content you need to get on explore page and get there few hours maybe days for success. This is marketing effect is so beneficial for business accounts, with great contents you can be Instagram influencers.

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Set Your Post Timing

Post timing means finding very well time for sharing Instagram posts. Sharing posts in right time also make your posts very enable for other users. Choosing the right time is so important for Instagram business accounts. Now there is no available official Instagram post schedule app but in the market, you can find many schedule app for Instagram. For example later, gramblr and Hootsuite.


Write Potential Interactional Texts

Good writing skill is so important when you run a business on the Internet and social media. Forgetting on explore page you must write good captions for your Instagram posts. Captions should explain the content and it should make people prompt for buying. Also, they should make people comment on your Instagram post. With these interactions, you can get on explore page very quickly.

Add Brands, Users and Locations

You should tag brands you use or sell, and people who can be interesting with your products. This helps them for finding what they look for. Also, brands can see your good effort and they can make an offer for your business. But more important that is its can gets you on explore page. Because getting good comments from who you tagged to your post is, can get you to explore page.

Use Brands’s Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are useful additions for social media apps and users. When users get likes and comments, it means hashtags helped them for it. Hashtags are so important for getting explore page. Before the sharing your Instagram post you should make beneficial hashtag search on the app. Then you can use the most used hashtags in your post.



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