College girl confesses what she did to her roommate’s home stuff on Instagram, then strange things happened

If you are kind of person who abuses his flatmate’s home stuff such as comb, toothbrush or deodorant, of course it is not a good behaviour. Furthermore, even if you do that you shouldn’t confess it on Instagram.

Colllege student Brochu did some things like those to her roommate. That was revealed as she posted her confess on Instagram.

Rowe, her roommate gave detailed information about what Brochu did on Instagram. Rowe took screenshot of the post by Brochu.Interestingly, Brochu deleted her post and made her account private after the event has been known.

The university of Hartford where Brochu studies has made an announcement saying that she is not a student of the university any more. She will not be accepted to the university again.

The university president also delivered an explanation describing what Brochu did was worthy of reprimand.

Rowe has posted on Facebook saying that she is a young African woman and she doesn’t want to be forgotten as this is a serious issue. She emphasises that justice must be served in those kind of cases. She believes that universities doesn’t take much importance on these kind of situations and they don’t do enough to resolve conflicts. She is sad about this issues. She thinks people need to make reaction. Rowe’s post found many supporters on social media and a hastag was created about this topic. The case is still going on. As this event got attention of public, it seems many people will follow this case.

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