6 Life Saving Tips To Earn More Followers On Instagram

Increase Followers Tactics
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In this article we are going to explain you ‘how to increase your instagram followers by natural ways’.

Instagram is getting more popular each day. Instagram’s parent company Facebook is loosing users, but most likely those users are switching from Facebook to Instagram.It’s easy to use interface makes it possible to be used by any age.

When it comes to Instagram, the only and most important thing is the amount of followers you got! Instagram users try various ways to increase their follower number. We can tell you that there are two ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Organic way or the Artificial way…



Organic techniques and tricks to get more followers on Instagram

1)Use popular hastags:


Depending on your photos concepts there are various popular hastags you can use to gain exposure and get targeted followers.

The best way to discover popular hashtags for your industry is to use a simple Google search.

Some of the trendiest Instagram hashtags include: #tbt (throwback Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday and #instagood.



2) Follow and like other people

The best way to get attention is by following other people and liking their photos. According to a study the %30 of the people who you follow, follows back no matter if he or she knows you or not. Like as many pictures as you can. There are hastags such as #likesforlikes #followforfollow , like the pictures with those hastags.



3) Quality better than Quantity

Share only good pictures. Do not share more than 1-2 photos a day. If you share a lot of pictures repeatedly, you followers may be annoyed and stop following you. Share only good photos…

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4) Follow Instagram’s Official Account (Trick)

Follow Instagram’s Official account which has currently more than 54.000.000 followers and then unfollow after waiting few minutes. Do that repeatedly many times. Each time you follow you will get few followers.People visit it so much and by becoming follower of the Official Acc you gain exposure. Its a nasty tricky way 🙂

Here is the link to Instagram’s official page: http://instagram.com/instagram

5) Be Unique 

It is nice to have a style right? You see those “cool people” on the street everyday with different styles of hair and clothing. Some of those people really give you an inspiration to get your own stlye. On social network level you’ll find a similar situtation. Unique instigram profiles are fast to get more and more followers. This really coming handy if you want to build a page on instagram more than a personal profile!



6) Unleash Your Creativity

Instagram is a photograph sharing platform by its nature. On this scale you have a good chance to show other people your creative side. Try to see things more different than what they are and analyze what other people do on their profiles.



Artificial Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

As we stated, the second way is the artificial way and its also known as ‘Buying Instagram Followers’.

But … Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, you may ask to your self why would i pay for instagram followers if i can get them naturally with no money going out of my pocket.

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Its not that simple:) Having more than 1000 followers by organic ways takes months, and thats if you have a good taste of taking pictures. On the other hand, getting 1000 followers by buying followers takes only minutes..

Here is the promotion video for the Instagram Follower Service:

1000 Instagram Followers are around 12 USD which is considered cheap for the return.

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6 Life Saving Tips To Earn More Followers On Instagram
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