Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

Since Instagram offered the Stories feature, this feature has become an indispensable feature for users. So, instead of making the Instagram Stories feature permanent just twenty-four hours, it offered its users the chance to make their stories permanent by offering the Highlight feature. This Highlight feature is a useful feature for many of the big brands and businesses, of course, as well as regular users. In fact, this situation has become so great that some businesses on Instagram are famous only for their Highlight icons. Today, we will talk about Highlight cover photos and how you can create these icons yourself. So let’s look at the free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for your business first.

What Are Instagram Story Highlight Icons

What Are Instagram Story Highlight Icons?

Instagram Story Highlight covers are photos or images that are great for your Highlights to look neat and engaging. You can separate them by using covers for your highlights so that you can get a much more organized profile. These cover photos usually consist of pretty simple icons. For example, if you have more than one story you shared about music or coffee and collected them separately under Highlight titles on your Instagram profile, a simple coffee or musical note icon will make them look more tidy and attractive. 

All these Highlight cover photos will make your Instagram account appear as a whole. Usually, the most liked and eye-catching profiles on Instagram use cover photos in their Highlights. This fact makes these profiles visually appealing. Businesses and brands often use and should use cover photos in their Stories Highlight to visually impress their followers and gain more followers.

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Find Free Instagram Highlight Story Icons

How to Find Free Instagram Highlight Story Icons

If you want to make your Instagram profile more appealing, you can start using the Instagram Stories Highlight icons and take the first step. There are many free Instagram Stories Highlight icons available on the Internet. After determining what kind of icon you want, you can search the search engines about this topic. 

Today, one of the platforms where Instagram Story Highlight icons are searched and which has the largest number of icon variations is definitely Pinterest. There are hundreds, even thousands of Instagram Story Highlight icons on Pinterest. So it will be very easy to find an icon that you will like on this platform. In addition to Pinterest, of course, there are some applications created for this in Google Play and App Store. You can access this and many other free apps by typing Instagram Stories Highlight Icons, or cover photos.

Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

How to Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

If you want to create cover photos for Instagram Story Highlights, you need to use an application for this. There are various applications created for this, and the application that stands out among these is an application called Canva. 

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  1. First, go to Canva’s website from your browser to create your own cover photo.
  2. Click Create a Design on the left side of the website and select the Use Custom Dimensions option. Then, enter the 1080 and 1920 pixel numbers in these boxes. 
  3. Now, you need to choose a background color or pattern that you will use in your Instagram Story Highlight section. You can choose the color or pattern by clicking the Background option on the left.
  4. You then need to load an icon or text by clicking on the section called Downloads on the left. After selecting your icon, you can resize it.
  5. After creating your cover photo for your Instagram Story Highlights, you need to upload it to your Stories section on Instagram.
  6. Also, this story must remain in your Instagram Stories section for 24 hours until it disappears itself; if you delete it, the process will fail.
  7. After adding your cover photo to your Instagram Stories, you will see the Highlight button at the bottom right of this story.
  8. Once you add this story to a Highlight, exit this section and open the Highlight in which you have added your cover photo.
  9. After opening the Highlight, click on the three-dot symbol on the bottom right and select Edit Highlight.
  10. Finally, you will see the Edit Cover text on the page that opens. Click this button, and after selecting your cover photo, click on the Done button in the upper right to save your selection.


Is Canva free?

Yes. Canva is a free graphic design software that you can use in online or mobile applications. It is fun and simple to use this application as it has a very simple interface, so you will not have any difficulty while using this application.

Should businesses create their own Instagram Story Highlight covers or use the free ones?

This is a choice entirely up to the business. But if they want to avoid using the same cover photos with other businesses or brands, it would make more sense to create their own cover photos.

Why should brands use Instagram Story Highlight cover photos?

Because although normal Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, Highlight Stories always remain fixed on your profile, and if users viewing your profile see aesthetic and compatible Highlight cover photos, they will watch your Highlights more. So this will bring you more interaction, more followers, and more customers.


In this article, we gave you detailed information about Instagram Story Highlight Icons. First, we talked about what the Instagram Story Highlight icons are, and then where you can access them for free or how you can create them yourself. Especially for businesses and brands, the use of cover photography in Instagram Story Highlights is very important. Because, in a completely visual-based platform like Instagram, appealing to them by using visual content in the style that users will like is one of the biggest elements that help a brand gain more customers. So keep in mind that you should pay attention to your Instagram Story Highlight icons, and it would be much more profitable for you not to leave your Highlights without cover photos.

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