Free Calligraphy Fonts You Can Use

Free Calligraphy Fonts You Can Use

Why would you want to read a guide on free calligraphy fonts? Because in today’s world, we are regularly exposed to texts. When you are shopping, scrolling down on Instagram, reading a newspaper, or studying for your exams, all printed or online text materials have one common property: Font.

Deciding a font for an occasion is very important for the image you want to create. People make this decision many times in their lives, but it gets much more critical when you want to make things more artistic. On occasions like this, for example, for a wedding invitation, you may need to use calligraphy fonts. Calligraphy is a hand-written and decorative writing style. It generally gives an effect of being much more natural, rather than being digital. We can example calligraphy fonts under two titles:

Brush Calligraphy 

Also called hand-lettering or calligraphy lettering, brush calligraphy means that the written text is “drawn” rather than written. It can be more artistic, but can not be called writing actually. It is more like a painting of letters that are drawn as frames before. 

modern calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy

It is actually “writing” in an artistic style. You can find the infinite combination of features during the search for a calligraphy font. Most of the fonts you can find online can be considered modern calligraphy. 

Choosing a font has too many things to decide. Will it be; thick or thin, uppercase or lowercase, sans or Serif, script or no script? Does it support the language you want to use? Let’s check on these features.

Thick and Thin Fonts

Actually, there is no need for an explanation for this feature too much. But the thickness of a font can change the effects of a font dramatically. For example, a thin font may make the reader feel more elegant and sophisticated. In contrast, a think font makes the reader feel looking something more serious. 

Uppercase-Lowercase Fonts

Some fonts only let you write in uppercases or lowercases, while others allow you to use it both ways. Writing uppercase or lowercase affects the impression of your text. You can use lowercase characters for a more intimate event while you use uppercases for a formal occasion. 

Sans Serif Fonts

Extensions of a letter (like a tail) are called Serif. Some fonts have Serifs that make reading more comfortable and makes the font look more severe and artistic, while other fonts don’t have them. These fonts that have not Serif are called Sans Serif. To illustrate, we can compare Times New Roman and Arial, which are the most commonly known fonts. Times New Roman is a Serif font, while Arial is a Sans Serif font.

script fonts

Script Fonts

Script fonts are fonts that look hand-written. Design of letters and far from being digital. They look much more organic and natural. Calligraphy fonts are generally categorized and Script Fonts. They typically have longer tails and more italic letters. Yet, some are Sans Serif fonts, and they do not have these features. They just have a visual appearance like it is written by a pencil.

Multilingual Support

Most of the fonts made for the Latin Alphabet support English letters, yet some do not. You need to be careful about language support during the font choosing process. Some fonts may be created for other Latin-Alphabet-using languages and may be missing letters like “W” or “X.”

Considering that all of these features are hard to decide and change the text’s effects, creating a font is mostly a challenging designing project. That’s why artists sell the fonts they have created. Some let for personal use only, but fonts are generally sold. However, there are some websites that you can find free fonts online. There are also many free calligraphy fonts on those sites. Some of the fonts on these sites are totally free, while others are free for personal use. Choose wisely not to pay a royalty fine. 

The company name offers a lot of fancy and beautiful calligraphy fonts for you to use freely. There are many fonts on that site that you need to see. If you are looking for fonts and don’t want to pay $100 for one letter, you can check the company name

FAQ on Free Calligraphy Fonts You Can Use

Are free fonts totally free to use in anything?

Most free fonts are free for personal use, but some fonts may ask for a fine for you to use in business.

When should I use calligraphy fonts?

You can use calligraphy fonts on occasions like weddings or party invitations, presentations about more traditional and classic topics, etc.

How can I decide on the font?

It would be best if you considered the ambiance for your event that you want to express yourself. You should also consider the features of the fonts mentioned above. They all change the effects of fonts. 

How important to choose the right font?

Choosing the right font for the occasion is vitally important to change people’s attitudes towards your event. Also, it provides an esthetical way for your work.

Should I pay for the fonts?

Actually, no. If you like a font, but it is expensive, you can probably find a very similar free font online.

Conclusion on Free Calligraphy Fonts You Can Use

After all, choosing a font is exciting, isn’t it? It is a real self-expressing process. Sometimes, it can be tough to decide between pre-made things when you want them to represent yourself. In these times, it is a good thing that you can find a lot of free fonts online. If you have read this article to decide on which font to use for your logo, we believe it would be wiser for you to learn how to design a logo first.

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