Fixing the Facebook Images Not Loading Issue

Fixing the Facebook Images Not Loading Issue

Facebook is now a social media platform known to every person, and users upload countless pictures to Facebook every day. These pictures in the feed where we slide between our fingers are so much that we can’t count. Only sometimes images aren’t uploaded on the Facebook browser, and when that’s the most urgent, you can have a nervous breakdown! This is known as ‘Facebook Images Not Loading Issue’. It’s a frustrating problem that even our smartphones can’t afford. So how to fix this issue? We answer.

Fix Facebook Images Not Loading Issue

Facebook is the social media app that everyone in the world knows and is most familiar with, as we’ve just mentioned. Just below Instagram’s success in sharing photos, Facebook remains in second place. You can’t deny that you’ve reached millions of images through Facebook first. When you go to Facebook to distract yourself, at your day’s most enjoyable moment, the pictures are no longer just a problem you encounter when you don’t upload, and you encounter blank screens now. Everyone’s going through this! This problem has now been included in everyone’s language as ‘Facebook images not loading’ issue. We hope that with the solutions we will be talking about soon, you will get rid of this problem and continue your pleasant stalks.

fix images that are not loading

Internet Connection

The weakness of internet connectivity in today’s technology is no longer something we can accept. If you can’t see pictures on your Facebook feed, the first step you’re going to take is to check your internet connection. For example, open another tab and try to connect to Netflix. If the connection is happening, what you need to understand at this point is that the source of the problem is that it’s not an internet connection. Let’s take the steps:

  • Open a new tab, type Internet Speed Check, and press enter.
  • Now, in the first test, click on the Run Speed Test button.

When the test is done, you’ll get a detailed report on what the problem is. If the Internet is bad, give time to improve the connection and switch to another network. Is your Internet okay? Then you must go to the next solution!


Another source of your Internet problem could be an old browser? The steps we’re about to talk about are what you need to do if you’re using Chrome. Launch Google Chrome and press on the Three points at the left top of the page.

  • Tap on Configurations now.
  • First, scroll and left-click About Chrome.
  • If an upgrade is available, Chrome must immediately update itself. Wait for the completion of the process.
is facebook down

Is Facebook Down?

The fact is, at some point, Facebook servers suddenly crash, and the reason you’re not connected to Facebook is exactly that decadence. If that’s the problem, there’s no solution yet, but to wait and wait and hope it gets better! If you can’t still find any solution to your problem in this step, read the next subject.

DNS Settings

DNS settings are a problem that has a lot of roles if Facebook pictures are not uploaded. Refresh configurations to solve this problem. And that’s it! Follow these steps to complete the configuration:

  • Press Windows + R to and open the Run dialog box. Type control panel and hit Enter. The Control Panel will launch.
  • Click Network and Internet in the Control Panel.
  • First, click on the Center for Network & Sharing.
  • Click on the internet connection you use now.
  • Second, at the bottom of your connection window, press the Property tab.
  • Double click the ‘Version 4 Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)’ button of the ‘This interface uses the following things’ list.
  • Press’ Use DNS service addresses:’ and type & in the given boxes.
  • Hit Enter and try loading Facebook again.
fix the issue on mobile

Fix the Issue on Mobile

It’s not just a misfortune that computers don’t upload Facebook pictures. Whether we like it, we’re having this problem. It’d be very useful for you to know how to deal with this. We’ve taken the following steps assuming that most people use an Android-based smartphone or iPhone.

  • Check the Internet and try mobile Internet, whether you use Wi-Fi or vice versa.
  • Upgrade to the new update if you use Facebook on a browser.
  • Toggle between browsers to test if the issue is browser-specific.
  • Continue to use the Facebook app as it provides the best smartphone experience.
  • Consider upgrading or reinstalling the program if you are grappling with the problem with the new update.
  • Attempt to use Facebook Lite because it is least likely due to lightweight issues.

FAQs About Facebook Not Loading Issue

Why is my FB not loading properly?

You may have a cache or a temporary storage error if you have an issue with how Facebook displays on your web browser.

Why is Farmville not working on Facebook?

The new edition of the webserver should be changed. Please use the “Report a Problem” link in your account if this does not operate to let us understand what you’re doing when you try to play a not loaded game.

How do I fix Facebook not loading properly?

Restart your computer or phone; uninstall & reinstall the app if you’re using a phone; Log into Facebook and try again. Please ensure the link is secure and that you are wired to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Why is my Facebook not loading posts?

Clear your cookies and cache if you’re using a computer. Restart your device, uninstall & reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone. Log into Facebook and try again.

Why is FB newsfeed not loading?

Be sure you have the latest update of the app or browser; restart your computer or phone; uninstall and reinstall the app, use a phone; log into Facebook, and try again.

Conclusion on Facebook Not Loading Issue

You should solve the issue with Facebook photos that do not launch. Photographs are a part of Facebook. The experience is not good without them. You must, therefore, know how to solve any problem. If you want to know about other problems and news about Facebook, please visit our Facebook Support Blog page.

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