How to Fix Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?

How to Fix Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?

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What is Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?

Instagram stopped error is social media app Instagram’s fixable error. When android users or ios users got this error to their Instagram, Instagram suddenly collapse and close itselves.


Instagram is most powerful photo and video sharing app in the world. This power comes from Instagram’s user numbers, it has already eight hundred million user and five hundred million use. These numbers still raising and we will get next statistics on summer or late.

But this huge number of user does not help Instagram for fixing errors. Because when user numbers are getting high the error numbers getting high either. So the unfortunately Instagram stopped error is happening now especially among to the android users.

Now we going to tell how to fix this error in three ways.

First way : In this phase you must delete your Instagram app from your phone and install it again. But before the reinstalling you need to shut off your android store’s automatic updates. We need Instagram’s very first version. Get the version in to this link ( install this apk and restart your smart phone.

Second way: In second step user should clear Instagram app data from phone’s memory and need to delete cahce in its Instagram. Go to settings, open the application manager then select all app tab and find Instagram app. Choice clear data and cache tap to force stop. Try to log in and if it do not work don’t worry we have a third step.

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Third way : Third step can be complicate then others. Because in this step we need to make disable speed up your GPU feature. Open the settings and find about selection and open it. Scroll down your phone screen and tap seven times on “build number”. When you tapped seven times there will be apear a developer page. Find the speed up GPU and disable it. Shut your phone and wait a minute then open it and check you Instagram.

This is all we can do about unfortunately Instagram stopped error.

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How to Fix Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?
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